UFC 165 Picks – Jon Jones vs. Alex Gustafsson

When:Saturday September 21, 2013 10pm EST
Where:Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
TV:Prelims starting at 8pm EST Fuel TV and FX. Main Event at 10pm EST PayPerView only!
by Tim of Predictem.com

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Fight Analysis:UFC 165 might prove to beeven better than Silva getting wacked by Chris Weidman in UFC 162! Jon Bones Jones and Kris Kristofferson (Alexander Gustafsson) paint the Main Event placard while undercards Renan Barao, Brendan Schaub, Costa Philippou, and Khabib N. promise for a blood spatter event! UFC 165 seems to be this American/Canadian flip-flop in quaint Georges St. Pierre turning Don King style. Probably incorporating St. Pierre and the Canucks is keeping Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White away from a Coup detat of our Northern brethren. In any event, St. Pierre seems to be driving the UFC Canadian Express. As long as the checks do not bounce, More food and wine for the Barbarians! Lets take a peek into the fight card and find winners and posers.

Jon Bones Jones (18-1-0) (-800) vs. Alex Rosebud Gustafsson (15-1-0) (+550)

Im not sure if Gustafssonsnickname isRosebud but does it really matter? Unless Gustafsson invents some secret Viking ball pinch or somehow hypnotizes Jones into believing hes Minnesota Senator Al Franken (only in America!) thereby beating Jones to death with logic and a moral imperative, Gustafsson should be completely healed Walpurgis Night in late April, 2014 (Swedish HolidayG-son is Swedish!). Jones is dynamic and ultra superior on the mat with leverage, upon leverage, upon leverage to count on in submitting opponents. Gustafsson is good at striking and Jones striking will make Gustafssons strike look like a Labor Day walkout of the Pebble Sifters Union! Unlike Silva, Jones comes into this fight fully healed from having his toe used like a fishing lure and Jones never ever Showboats keeping his chin firmly in place where it should be. Jones is too much for the Scintillating Swede and this one should be over pretty quick! Jones to win by submission or KO -800!

Renan Barao (30-1-0)(-453) vs. Eddie Wineland (20-8-1)(+347)

My Pick to Win:Renan Barao -453: The problem with Eddie Wineland is he hasnt figured out how to deal with submission specialists. Im not talking about a fighter who cant punch so he calls himself a submissions specialist. Im talking about a hard headed grappler that will slip your shoulder out of socket at any given time like Renan Barao. Renan Barao has lost one time in his career; his very 1stprofessional fight. Since that time, Barao has won every single fight except for a no-contest when Barao went Pele on Claudemir Souza in 2007! Wineland can punchtheres no doubt about that! Barao also knows Wineland can punch and will be looking to take down Eddie before the popcorn pops! I believed Renan fights with his head and Wineland fights from emotions. Renan will be patient and wait for the advantage then take Wineland downand that will be the end of that! Renan Barao will win quickly and decisively and Wineland will NOT knockout Renan Barao!

Costas Philippou (12-2-0)(-185) vs. Francis Carmont (21-7-0)(+160)

My Pick to Win:.Francis Carmont. Carmont has slowly and steadilymade the climb through the UFC ranks and now finds himself with a Golden opportunity to make some real money! Philippou stands in Carmonts way and hes going to be tough to beat. Philippou must make certain that Carmont does not mount him in the Octagon. If Carmont does mount Philippou this will be Game Over for Philippou and his expected titleshot.I believe Carmont is mentally tougher than Philippou and incredibly determined to overcome any obstacle that comes Carmonts way. Philippou is dangerous on his feet and can hit like a car door but thats the only advantage Philippou has over Carmont. Carmont will force the action and take Philippou down. Philippou will counter with strikes that might catch Carmont on the way in. Carmont cannot let Philippou dictate styles; he must force the action and take Philippou to the mat. I believe Carmont will do just that and submit Philippou in the 2ndor 3rdround. Carmont +160 for a pretty nice little upset of the fight card!