UFC 167 Picks – Georges St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks – Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen

UFC 167 Picks
When: Saturday November 16, 2013 10pm EST
Where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas NV
by Tim of Predictem.com

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Fight Analysis: UFCs 20th Anniversary Tour swings into Las Vegas November 16th, 2013 boasting a litany of quality bouts and buckets filled with cash. Georges St.-Pierre and Johny Hendricks steer the jaw-busting Octagon bus running over boxing; pronounced Dead at the Scene. UFC is King of glitz, excitement, and raw entertainment and if you can call UFC Sport then UFC is an evolution of Bloody-Sport-Theater. The stage is set, actors are in place, and scene one of the undercard featuring Sergio Pettis erupts at 6:15pm EST! UFC 167 promises to satisfy any wild sophistications residing just beneath the surface of any red-blooded soul.

The Top draw for UFC 167 is the Main Event. Georges St.-Pierre (GSP) drops in from his Canadian enclave to punish Johny Hendricks. Most would agree with the assumption this is not the Crowning Jewel matchup UFC President Dana White had in mind for UFCs 20th Anniversary hurrah. Anderson Silva vs GSP was the obvious and most favored choice for this event. But Mr. Silva had other plans in mind. In a shrewd display of self-servitude, Silva offered his grandiose, pride, and chin to non-nonsense Chris Weidman and was summarily dispatched by Weidman; perhaps for all-time?! GSP is a sound fighter, technically superior in most aspects to Johny Hendricks, and GSP will surely reinforce his assessment if inquired upon for comment. Hendricks on the other hand displays the skills of a Closing Remarks Attorney or Fortune Teller expressing his incantations of his own superiority of fighting skills above and beyond those of GSP. Over and over again in the weeks leading up to this fight with GSP, Hendricks has come very close to convincing himself he truly IS the superior fighter! Close to convincing often finds a quick exit after the 1st punch is landed and is swept away with all the other losing pay-tickets. Hendricks is/was an NCAA Champion wrestler and appoints himself a different kind of fighter for GSP because of his wrestling background? But what should we say concerning GSPs wins over Frank Trigg, Sean Sherk, Matt Hughes and Josh Koscheck? All former wrestlers and all defeated by GSP? One last Hendricks observation: Much has been made of Hendricks KO in Both Hands power. Sure, Hendricks has KOed some good fighters by hitting them on the button. But Hendricks hands are some of the tiniest hands I believe Ive ever seen in a fighter! GSP has a 7 reach advantage over Hendricks as well. The only measurable advantage Hendricks has over GSP is his beard. Hendricks beard will add cushion to GSPs blows and will create a very weird feel for GSP as GSP is trying to choke Hendricks out; quite like squeezing a nerf ball. At the end of UFC 169, GSP will be preparing for another title contention while Johny Hendricks scrambles to understand What Happened?! GSPand it looks like 2nd round tap-out!

Georges St.-Pierre (24-2-0)(-225) vs. Johny Hendricks (15-1-0)(+175)
Hendricks will try and stand with St.-Pierreuntil he gets kicked. Once Hendricks understands the reach advantage and kicking power of St. Pierre, Hendricks will panic and revert to what he is; An NCAA Wrestling Champion. If Hendricks opens the door to wrestling St.-Pierre, the Divine Comedy awaits Hendricks, Abandon hope all ye who enter here. Hendricks is convinced hes a big puncherhe isnt. This conviction is why St.-Pierre is -225 FAV! St-Pierre wins easily.


Rashad Evans (23-3-1)(-164) vs. Chael Sonnen (29-13-1)(+136)
205 pound fighters Evans and Sonnen have spent the past few years becoming good friends and halfway decent Commentators of UFC events. Sonnen is one weight class above where he should be and hes staying at 205 because he submitted Shogun Rua in August 2013. Sonnen pretty much did the impossible by choking out Shogun surprising many including Dana White. Evans, although fighting at 205, is a MUCH more powerfully built and physically imposing specimen than Shogun will ever be! But 4 pounds of muscle actually separate Shogun from Rashad Evans. A human heart weighs around 4 pounds and Rashad Evans dropped that weight on or before the Antonio Nogueira fight in February of 2013. Some speculate the loss to Jon Jones before the Nogueira fight was the beginning of the end for Evans. But Evans himself admits that he was Not into it with the Nogueira bout. After the Nogueira fight, Evans beat Dan Henderson to set up his UFC 167 co-Main Event with Sonnen. Both Sonnen and Rashad Evans are extremely talented and have an outstanding gentlemanly approach inside and outside of the Octagon. Sonnen, I believe, is in a difficult weight class at 205 and would being markedly better suited for 185. Evans is massive compared with Shogun and, though the pay might be a little better at 205, Sonnen will curse his past judgment to fight Evans at 205.

My Pick to Win: Rashad Evans -164. Rashad Evans is a much bigger, stronger, faster, more intense fighter at 205 than Sonnen could ever be. Sonnen is highly competitive at 205lbsagainst less muscular opponents. But Evans has his 4 pounds of heart back and will dominate Sonnen from bell-to-bell. This should be a HIGHLY entertaining fight and, considering some questionable matchups in the past with UFC, should be considered one of the smartest matchups ever made by UFC Head Cheese Dana White!

Josh Koscheck (19-7)(-125) vs. Tyron Woodley (11-2)(+185)
Josh Koscheck is not a likeable personality. Hes caustic, abrasive, and intensely disconnected from conventional social norms. Josh is the perfect fighter with a perfect fighters mentality! Tyron Woodley calls himself The Chosen One. Tyron is not exceedingly unique in his ability, physique, or intellectual acumen so why is he The Chosen One? The reason probably is because Tyron likes the Miami Heator used to like the Cavs, and no one told him No. In any event, Tyron was tossed aside by Jake Shields in his last fight losing for the 2nd time in 3 bouts in boring style. Koscheck has been taking it on the chin as well. Koscheck is on a 2 fight losing streak. UFC 167 Main Event fighter Johny Hendricks beat Koscheck in a very close decision before being KO-ed by Robbie Lawler in UFC 157. Koscheck is a game opponent with outstanding talent and gives other fighters hesitation when hes fighting well. Lately, it appears Koscheck has a focus problem but, considering Hendricks position as a GSP opponent, Koscheck could easily be in this Main Event instead of residing as an undercard warm-up fighter!

My Pick to Win: Koscheck. Yes, Koscheck is socially awkward but that doesnt matter in a UFC fight! Koscheck has too much experience for Tyron and too much talent. I believe Koscheck was afraid of success and sort of back away from being ultra-successful because it was too scary of a proposition for him. Now, Koscheck is back in his elementcontendingand Tyron is in deep, deep, deep trouble!