Video Poker Games

Video Poker Games
by Staff

There are many different video poker games out there. So many in fact, that it’d take us weeks to hunt down all the names and list them here because basically any online casino can make up their own game using different variables, odds and payouts.

So, what we decided to do here was list the most popular games, most of which can be found online.

Listed below, we’ll start with the most popular games that video poker players love to play.

Jacks or Better – This is the most common variation of video poker. It is basically draw poker in which there are no bonuses or fancy rules. As it’s name implies, you must have a pair of jacks or better to get paid out.


Deuces Wild – As the game’s name implies, all 2’s are wild. In order to get paid in this game, you must hit a three of a kind or better.

Bonus Poker – This game is very similar to jacks or better, as you need to hit jacks or better in order to get paid. The difference is that you get fat bonuses for four of a kind hands. Example:

Four 5s through Kings 25:1
Four 2s, 3s, or 4s 40:1
Four Aces 80:1

Deluxe Bonus Poker – Similar to jacks or better, the difference in this game is that two pair pays even odds and all four of a kind hands pay 80-1.

Double Bonus Poker – Similar to deluxe bonus poker except for the different payouts when a four of a kind hits. Payouts vary, with four fives through kings paying out 50-1, four two’s, three’s or 4’s pays 80-1 and four aces pays out a whopping 160-1. This game is a players favorite.

Double Double Bonus Poker – Probably the most popular video poker game going right now. The difference in this game from others is it’s varying payouts for 4 of a kind hands and adds in the use of a kicker when four aces are involved. These include:

Four 5s through Kings pay 50:1
Four 2s, 3s or 4s pay 80:1
Four 2s. 3s or 4s with an ace, two, three or four kicker pays 160:1
Four Aces pays 160:1
Four Aces with a two, three or four pays 400:1

Joker Poker – This game is similar to jacks or better except the winning starts with two pair. All big hands are easier to hit with the addition of a joker card in the deck.

White Hot Aces – Similar to double bonus poker, this game pays out well for four of a kind hands, espeically if you hit 4 aces where the payout is 240-1. It could be said that this game is for those with a fetish for aces.

There are many more types of video poker. Check out our list of Recommended Online Casinos where you are sure to find games and generous sign up bonuses that are sure to satisfy your online video poker playing needs!