White Hot Aces

White Hot Aces
by Marilee of Predictem.com

White Hot Aces is a dying game today and can usually only be found on a machine that offers a variety of games. This game offers huge bonuses on 2’s, 3’s and 4’s and an even better bonus for Aces. This is the game for the player with the ace fetish. You may find a White Hot Aces machine that utilizes “kickers” like Double Double Bonus Poker but most of them do not have kickers. The basic paytable to look for when choosing a White Hot Aces game is as follows:

Jacks or Better pays 1:1

Two pair pays 1:1

Three-of-a-kind pays 3:1

Straights pay 5:1 (many are reduced to 4:1 today)

Flushes pay 5:1

Full House pays 9:1

Four 5’s through Kings pay 50:1

Four 2’s, 3’s or 4’s pay 120:1

Four Aces pays 240:1

Straight Flushes pay 80:1

Royal Flush pays 250:1

Notice the increased return you can expect for a straight flush on a standard White Hot Aces game. This game has an advantage over Double Bonus or Double Double Bonus Poker because all four-ace hands pay higher. The returns are not as high as bonus hands with kickers in Double Double Bonus, but hands without a kicker are higher, making this game an advantage for some players. Watch to play max coins to get the bonus 800:1 return on the royal flush.