College Basketball Totals

Betting College Basketball Totals
by Staff

A great bet that is often times overlooked are college basketball totals. This bet consists of selecting whether both teams combined will score over or under the posted total offered by the sportsbook.

Back “in the old days” sportsbooks only used to put up college hoops totals on nationally televised games. With the addition of offshore sportsbooks and the maturing of the sports betting industry, now lines can be found on almost all college basketball games which is great news!

There are a few reasons why these are such great bets.

For starters, these bets are almost always offered at -110 odds. This means your not laying a ton of juice on this type of wager.

Second, these bets are easier to beat than selecting “sides”, otherwise known as point spreads. This is because statistical information is more valuable when figuring out projected final scores opposed to beating a point spread. These bets offer more fun as well as you can root for both teams.

Lastly, there are so many college basketball games on a Saturday that the bookies don’t have time to form sharp lines. Believe us! Their beatable! Especially small college basketball teams that aren’t in the spotlight. If you study those teams good and hard you can really swing the advantage to your side making for some tidy profits!

Don’t believe us that totals are easier to beat? Why do you think most bookies have lower limits on totals?

A great way to approach these bets is to take a match-up and try to make your own estimation of what you think the total should be. Once you’ve done this, compare your line vs. the Vegas line and look for big differences where you feel like the odds are in your favor.

Frequently asked question: Does overtime count in totals bets? Answer: YES.

Another term you may hear people calling these bets is “over-unders”.

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