College Football Betting Sites

Listed below you’ll find a list of the best college football betting sites on the web. The internet offers 100’s (if not thousands) of choices of places where you can bet on NCAA football games. A small handful are stellar, many are decent but somewhat vanilla and others are an outright scam. It’s important that you make the right choice to assure that you’re college football betting experience is the best it can be and that you’re not going to be disappointed, or even worse, scammed. We’ve been in the industry since 1998 and are more than familiar with which outfits operate with integrity, pay fast and offer our readers the best options such as discounted college football betting odds, increased parlay payouts, the best signup bonuses and more. Check out our list of college football betting sites below and sleep well at night knowing that when you’re playing with an online sportsbook that we recommend, you’re playing with a company that is ROCK SOLID!

5Dimes – This is the best place on the web to wager on NCAA football games, bar none! Most online sportsbooks charge you -110 odds when you bet on sides and totals. 5Dimes offeres reduced juice betting at -105. This saves a $100 bettor five bucks every time he places a bet. Most college football bettors make 5-10 bets over the course of a weekend. This would be a savings of around 50 bucks a weekend. When you multiply that by 18 weeks in the season (including bowl games), your savings calculate out to around 900 bucks! Over a ten year span, you save $9000! It doesn’t get much better than that! If that isn’t enough, they also offer huge point buying opportunities, 20 point teasers and 25 team parlays! They pay fast too! Dump your over-priced bookie and start saving big money today!

Sportbet – These guys are a “must have” for those of you who only bet parlays. Sign up and choose the “Super Saver” bonus. This rewards you with being able to make parlay bets at reduced odds, which in turn increases parlay payouts to astronomical numbers. Especially on the bigger parlays. They pay almost double! Remember, pass on the cash bonus and choose the Super Saver Bonus. It’s the only way to bet parlays!

Bookmaker – The most important variable to consider when choosing a college football betting site is that your money is safe. This online bookie has been around since the beginning and also offers a generous 50% sign up bonus to boot!

Bovada Sportsbook – For those who don’t care about reduced odds, increased parlay odds or a 100% bonus, and only care about playing somewhere save that has been in business in the offshore sports betting industry forever, this is your betting site. Bovada, the sister of the giant Bodog brand, offers security as they’ve got a proven track record that stretches back into the 90’s. They offer every type of bet imaginable and also offer live Texas Hold’em for those of you who are looking for more action after the games are over. Their bonus isn’t too shabby either, as you get a 50% bonus up to $250 in free cash. Credit cards work real well here.

Intertops – One of the oldest wagering sites on the web. It doesn’t take long to realize that they have one of the most professional site layouts in the industry. The perks here are that credit cards work extremely well for deposits, they have a gigantgic wagering menu and most importantly, you know that you’re going to get paid as they’ve been around forever. You get paid FAST too! See their site for the most up-to-date promotions as they change them often and we didn’t want to post something here that would be dated by the time you read it.

MyBookie – A newer sportsbook but run by a group of people who have been in the industry for a long time. Their generous 50% signup bonus up to $2000 in free cash is unbeatable! They’re good at getting your credit card to work for deposits too! Be sure to call your bank first and ask them to remove the international transaction block that prevents you from making transactions in other countries!

Bet365 – (Note: Does not accept players from the USA) Bet365 doesn’t offer anything special. Their odds aren’t that great, their site isn’t the best and their offerings aren’t as deep as some other books. So why list them here? Because they’re THE MOST TRUSTED sportsbook in the industry and when you request your winnings, they come to your house within 3 days. In this day and age, there’s a lot to be said for integrity so we felt compelled to list them here.

GTBets – For those of you who don’t care about reduced juice or parlays, this is your college football betting site! You can deposit anywhere from $100 to $500 and they will give you a matching dollar for dollar bonus. Deposit $500 and get $500 FREE! They also let you pick your (2) favorite college football and (2) favorite NFL teams. You get a FREE half point every time you bet them!