Nascar News and Notes for the Week of 5/2/08

Nascar News and Notes – 5/2/08
by Virginia Vroom of

Although its been more than 7 years since the passing of Dale Earnhardt Sr., its still one of the most notorious and sought after names and numbers in NASCAR history. Sr. created a legacy that is certainly hard to follow, but Jr. is doing a great job representing his dad and what he would have wanted, in my opinion at least. Although he hasnt burned up victory lane recently, Jr. is still a reflection of his father and the quiet grace and class that Sr. always emitted.

Tuesday was Dale Earnhardt Day in Mooresville, North Carolina in case you didnt know. Of course, this is the home of Earnhardt and several other big name NASCAR drivers and teams. There were celebrations, tributes, and touching memorials that brought people to tears even this many years after his death.

Hershey Co. did a great thing. They unveiled a collage of fan images that they collected through the years and created a beautiful mural that will reside in the headquarters of DEI in Mooresville. The mural is 6 x 8 and is something that is truly incredible. Its a wonderful photo that captures the true essence of the Intimidator. He was a quiet man but one that always had a haunting talent about him. On the track, you would never know where he was until he was flying right past you. He taught many everything they know. Ask Jeff Gordon. For those who like to believe that they were nothing more than enemies, Gordon and Sr. had both a personal and business relationship that were closer than most could imagine. Gordon will be the first one to tell you that he learned how to see the air on restrictor-plate tracks because of the brilliance of Earnhardt. He will also tell you that Sr. taught him most of what he knows when it comes to handling his business deals and contracts. They were great friends as well as great competitors.


As for his son, Jr. and Sr. had a very special bond. Racing was always something that was in both of their hearts, and it was clear to see the passion in both their eyes whenever they set foot on a racetrack. Sr. may have been a quiet man, but his love for Jr. and the pride you could see in his face when he won was unmatched. He was a true family man and one who would do anything for a friend or enemy.

To this day, Sr. outsells anyone when it comes to NASCAR merchandising. This is hard to believe when its been seven years since his death, but I think that his fan base is a true indication of what an unbelievable man that he was.

Dale Earnhardt Day allowed Hershey to also reveal the number 3 emblem and the Sr. signature that will be on their candy bars as a tribute. With such longevity even without being on the track, Sr. deserves the attention that he gets and has truly earned his place in NASCAR history and in the hearts of all of his fans.