Super Bowl 48 Pick Against the Spread – Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos

Seattle Seahawks (15-3 SU, 12-6 ATS) vs. Denver Broncos (15-3 SU, 11-7 ATS)
Super Bowl 48
Date and Time: Sunday February 2nd, 2014 6:30pm EST
Where: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford NJ
by Tim, Football Handicapper,

Point Spread: Sea. +3/Den. -3
Over/Under Total: 46.5

In reference to Peyton and Russell Wilson, Thomas Edison once said Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspirationbut Edison was a complete tool who screwed Nikola Tesla out of cash and the AC current. You know the teams, the players, the good and the bad. Youve heard enough crap from Derek the down the aisle fantasy football league winner and Zippy the ex- NFL blowhard to choke on Omaha, Legion of Boom (the same as Beyonce: bloated, manly, and trendy!), and those creepy/fake Papa Johns commercials. One thing is for sure; Peyton Manning does not drive a BUICK! B-I-C-K? B-I-C-K? Thats not the way you spell Buick? The only thing missing is U!!!!! Peyton doesnt always fake people out on the football field! Russell Wilson and Go Hawks? I actually think Wilson is sincereThank the Lord the Harbaughs are sitting Super Bowl XLVIII out. One last thing; MetLife Stadium is NOT Eli Mannings houseit will ALWAYS be Lawrence Taylors house so >> Stop It! Super Bowl XLVIII will surely be filled with clich, over-hype, and more pomp-and-circumstance than St. Peters Basilica at Pope-pickin time! But the Super Bowl is New Romes version of the gladiator games so lets who might become Superious Magnificus Maximus of the Gamigus in their attempt-icus (just like the Lotto; once you starticus you just cant stopicus!). Lets pick a winner.

After listening to Van Pelt and Russillo (Van Pelt is Dutch for: drunk from thyself!), Freddie Coleman (like listening to Tokyo Rose while seasick), Merril Hoge (hillbilly Hipster), and Zippy the accidental Fantasy League winner down the hall, youve probably been drowned by so much Super Bowl information by sports creeps making your decision impossible to make at this point. Well, lets have a little fun and Ill try and ease you in so the decision is easy! Lets GO Baby!!

Super Bowl XLVIII is taking place about 10 miles west of 42nd Street, New York City which anyone from New York will tell you Its the Center of the F***ing World A***ole! The beloved New Yorkers; to live under a bell jar sitting on razor blades. The NFL says it seeks to reconnect modern football with past original football placing weather as a factor and a point of historical significance. I believe this is the NFLs third or fourth spin on why the game is in Jersey? The NFL will failbecause theyre not telling the truth. Frankly, any goof can figure out why New Jersey is getting the Super Bowlits the reward system! Build a new Stadium on the backs of taxpayers, get the Super Bowl: Glendale, Arizona; Indianapolis, Indiana; East Rutherford; Arlington, Texas; Detroit Michiganetc. etc. etc. The Modern game is reminiscing in this sensetheyre using an age-old shell game to explain their actions. In any event, two Number 1 seeds will square off in the freezing cold (how are those $5,000 tickets tasting now???!) and THIS Super Bowl might become the coldest matchup since Iranian President Hassan Rouhani buzzed Benjamin Netanyahu after hours from his IPhone! The Broncos with the best offense in the NFL against the Seahawks with the Best Defense will clash in Jersey in a sub-zero cage match for all to remember!

Is Peyton Manning a great QB? is not the question most Super Bowl people are asking right now. Most fans are asking, What the crap is the stinkin Red Hot Chili Peppers doing as a halftime sideshow? (Dont worry; Ill get into the game shortly!) Even when the Peppers were making loot (90s), they STILL werent worthy of Super Bowl stardom!! On the other hand, the Peppers make perfect sense performing for Botox fueled, image based sponsors! And the screaming, pre-arranged, enthusiastic audience pouring onto the fieldpriceless! Where in the crap does the NFL find these out of touch focus groups?? The Stones (Stoners), Beyonce (manly feminine), Madonna (gut-punching excitement) and now Flea? Thats almost as goofy as Tom Brady crying because he was drafted late!! Yes, Peyton is a good QB. In the current NFL (last 10 years or so), it is impossible to gauge Peytons performances againstlets sayany QB pre-Marino/Jim Kelly. Todays NFL rules for DB play limits the penalty Free/Strong Safeties exacted from Receivers venturing over-the-middle. DBs, not Receivers, are exposed to potential punishment from enthusiastic, over-the-middle Football Catchers! Peyton, in fact, may be a relic, a dinosaur as an immobile Pocket-Passer in the NFL? Whatever the case may be, without Peyton Manning the Broncos are probably an 8-8 or 7-9 football team.

The Seahawks are a high-energy, play-every-play, shutdown team carrying a lot of confidence in their lunch pails. A word or two concerning Richard Sherman: Professional football is an extremely violent, highly emotional environment played by finely tuned players intensely focused on destroyingnot defeatingdestroying the opposition. When you place an Image Magnate (Erin Andrews) in the middle of the snake pit (field of play) IMMEDIATELY after a highly focused, highly emotional, player (Richard Sherman) makes a play to put the Seahawks into the Super Bowl against a Player Sherman has convinced himself to hate (upon the fieldgaining an edge), well Ms. Andrewsand every other spoon-fed limp wrists watchingTHAT IS EXACTLY why we are fans of the game!!! Look at it this way; if Erin Andrews goes away, the game remainsif the game goes away, Erin Andrews goes away. Ms. Andrews (and every single spectator left aghast by Shermans post game remarks), this is the something a professional athlete must have to succeed! Richard Sherman is a class act carrying an axe to grind with Jim Harbaugh over Harbaughs comments of the Seadderall Seahawks. We dont know the full shark bite details between the two, but Pete Carroll at USC (when Harbaugh was at Stanford) started much of what we are seeing! I LOVE the intensity of this 49ers/Seahawks rivalry and wish this Super Bowl had the same tension! Shermans a class act; Harbaugh is reading his headlinesand Pete Carroll? Carroll has this team rollin but Im afraid no one really knows who Carroll truly isespecially Pete Carroll. As for Erin Andrewsstay on the sidelines, say something starkly desolate, be void of humility, and tell all the drunks in Porkya Gap Kentucky Thanks for Following Me! Geez!

Seattle comes in 1st in the NFL in points against, 1st in the NFL in yards against, 1st in takeaways, 1st in yards passing against, 1st in Interceptions, 1st in net yards per catch against, 1st in rushing touchdowns against, 1st in percentage of drives scoring against, and 1st in drives ending in an offensive turnover. The Seahawks are 3rd in 1st down passing attempts against, 2nd in touchdown passes against, 7th in rushing yards against, and 7th in rushing yards allowed. THOSE STATS are UNREAL!!!!!!!! Defensive Ends Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril lead the pressure from the edge with Bennett 32th in the NFL in sacks and Avril 38th in sacks. Big hitting Strong Safety Kam Chancellor, Free Safety Earl Thomas, and Middle Linebacker Bobby Wagner cleans up the remaining mess left over by Bennett and Avril and all finished in the Top 50 in the NFL in tackles. CB Richard Sherman led the NFL in Interceptions with 8 and Free Safety Earl Thomas was tied for 5th in the NFL snagging 5 balls. CB Byron Maxwell finished tied for 11th in the NFL with 4 picks. The Seahawks defensive backs rely on upfront pressure and pressing receivers to the boundary. How do you beat Peyton Manning? Get upfront pressure and press receivers to the boundary!

The Broncos come into the Super Bowl led by Head Coach John Fox and Defensive Coordinator Jack Del RioHA! Who are they kidding! Truthfully, if Fox and Del Rio took the Super Bowl off it would probably benefit the Broncos immeasurably! Peyton Manning is the best Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Player Personnel Director, General Manager in NFL History (sorry Mr. Elwayride those coattails and repeat Denver still LOVES me, Denver still LOVES me [Ha! What a creep!] ). Mannings expertise as a QB is not all in the numbers: Manning threw for 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns in 2013 and over his career, Manning has passed for almost 65,000 yards and 500 touchdowns! Mannings complete expertise, beyond the stats, is very difficult to gauge and measurethe edge is in his mind and work ethicManning just knows how to beat ya! At QB, Manning led an offense 1st in points for, 1st in total yards for, 1st in first down yardage, 2nd in passing attempts, 1st in yards passing for, 1st in passing touchdowns for, and 1st in net yards gained per passing attempt for! Those are very good offensive statistics; maybe one of the best years at QB (statistically) of all time! But Peytons influencejust like Napoleon, Cincinnatus, George Washington or an in-the-home Dadis almost impossible to calculate quantitatively! But make no mistake about it; Manning IS IN CHARGE of the Broncos (and Colts when he was in Indy) because Manning is smart and he OUTWORKS everyone around him. Manning may not go down in history as the best QB/Player in NFL history. But Manning WILL go down as one of the greatest influencers in the history of sportsalongside Lawrence Taylor, Jack Nicklaus, Michael Jordan, Phil The Power Taylor, Lionel Messi, Franz Klammer, Dan Gable, Hichem El Guerrouji, and Wayne Gretzky! Can Manning beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl Forty Eight? Lets take a look at where these teams falter and/or the differences between these two teams to predict a winner!

The Seahawks are actually led by a Head Coach (unlike Denver), Pete Carroll, who might resemble Elmer Gantry more than appearing to be Vince Lombardi. Carroll has done an EXCELLENT job motivating his professional athletes (a trait obtained while USCs Head Coachjus sayin) and the team is inspiring to watch. QB Russell Wilson leads an offense that ended 2013 8th in points for and 17th in yards gained. The Seahawks dont hurt you by slingin the ball all over the field. The Seahawks get it done on the ground led by Marshawn Lynch who ended up 7th in the NFL with 1,257 yards gained. QB Russell Wilson ended the season as 54th in total yards rushing because of Seattles offensive scheme and Wilsons incredible mobility! Wilson also ended the season 16th in passing in the NFL with 3,357 yards gained, a 63.3 completion percentage while Seattle was sitting NEXT TO LAST (31st) in passing attempts for!!!! That is a HUGE STAT! Seattle was 10th in touchdown passes for while being 31st in total attempts! Wilson isnt asked to throw the ball much, but when he does he is INCREDIBLY efficient! Remember those offensive stats if the Seahawks fall behind. Denvers defense spent 2013 getting torched by opponents! Denver was 10th in the League in time of possession but 1st in 3rd down conversion percentage at 48.05%. Over their last 4 games, the Broncos converted a 60.98% 3rd down conversion percentage against a simply apathetic Texans team, an Oakland club on the verge of entering the BCS, a horrid playoff Charger team, and a Patriots team without any Receivers on the active roster!!!! ALL that glitters is not goldjust like the moment, in week 10, when we ALL found out the Chiefs were not very good despite going 9-0 out of the gate. The Broncos last 5 games were against teams with a combined 15-33 record (Texans, Raiders, and Chargers) and a Patriots team not having a professional wide receiver on the active roster! What is the reasonable pick for this Super Bowl? Lets find out!

Super Bowl XLVIII wont come down to Denvers offense versus Seattles defense. Super Bowl 48 WILL be a battle between Denvers defense versus Seattles offense! The best corner in a bad Broncos secondary, Chris Harris, blew a knee against the Chargers and is done until next season. That leaves R-Cromartie who stunk it up in Philly in 2012, and rookie Kayvon Webster to guard the outside for Denver. That spells D-O-O-M for Denver at the boundary!! Picking up the pieces will be Safeties Duke Inehacho and Mike Adams to defend like never before. Unfortunately, neither safety is good enough, athletic enough, or experienced enough to drop the hammer on Seattles offense. Linebacker Von Miller is outagainthis time from a torn ACL; not self-lubrication (selfish!). Trevathon has played well and might very well be a defensive MVP—on the Jaguars squad—but this game is COMPLETELY outside of Trevathons best effort and look for him to be on his back more than Jazzy Josephine when the ships come in!! LB Wesley Woodyardwho I believe played shortstop for the Reds in the 70shas been pushed to play more minutes in Millers absence totaling 9 whole tackles in the last 3 regular season games and 2 playoff games combined! What a beast! HAHA! WooHoo! Champ Bailey is the Nickle/Dime/Hal Dollar/ Shadow of Himself and should be thrilled to just appear in this Super Bowl. Dreaming of a victory is movie magic in Prime Time. But they make feel good movies in Hollywood, not New York-ish Jersey. Here, they make movies that are profane and comedic. New York Comic-Movie Maker-turned-Weirdo Woody Allen might quip about the Broncos, horses in Jersey dont finish wellhorses in Jersey finish well-done! (he didnt say itI did) Anyway, here it is: Manning will throw for a couple of touchdowns and Seattle will not let Denver dictate policy all game like other Denver opponents. Denvers defense will look like theyre catching alley cats in the back of Chinese Sweet and Sour Shop. Seattle will completely blow Denver out of the StadiumBUTwith the weather a huge question markSeattle will still completely blow Denver out of the stadium! Have an AWESOME 2014! It all tastes like chicken!!!!

Tims Prediction to Cover the Point Spread: Seattle Seahawks +3