Bayern Star Franck Ribery to Join Real Madrid in 2010

In 2010 Bayern Star Franck Ribery Will Join Real Madrid
by Jason Green of

Well, they tried this season, but could not make a deal. However, next season Bayern Munich Star Franck Ribery will join Real Madrid according to Spanish press reports. Right after they made the deal for Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso Real Madrid looked towards next season by sealing the deal for Ribery.

According to a report in the Spanish press this is already a done deal, as the French national striker will sign a 5-year deal with Real Madrid after this season with Bayern Munich. The only obstacle that still remains is negotiation with Bayern for the transfer fee. However, since Ribery’s contract expires with Bayern in 2011 it gives Real some leverage when they negotiate.

It is thought that Real Madrid will offer 25 million for Ribery, but it may be less then that. That could happen if the international player’s union, FIFPro, take their case to the European Commission if Bayern refuse to let Ribery go.

It looks as if that will not happen, as Bayern does not want to jeopardize their relations with Real, as that may hurt future deals with the Spanish club. There was speculation this summer that Real Madrid had offered 55 million to Bayern to get Ribery for the upcoming season.

Real Madrid signed many big names this season and they are already looking to sign more for next season with this recent move. Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzima, and Xabi Alonso and Real still is not done? Wow, talk about being stacked, as it will be hard for Barcelona to defend their La Liga and Champions League title with the stacked club that Real has and they may be even better next season.