Real Madris Acquires Xabi Alonso

Real Madrid and Liverpool Finally Make Deal for Xabi Alonso
by Jason Green of

Liverpool and Real Madrid have been talking for weeks about the transfer of Xabi Alonso back to Spain. It had taken forever, but Liverpool finally accepted the transfer deal for 32 million, as Alonso is the newest star to the many Real Madrid has added this summer.

Recently Liverpool and Real Madrid met in Barcelona and the talks heated up after both clubs had been at a stand still in their negotiations. Real Madrid finally broke down and agreed to give Liverpool the money they wanted for the star player. Liverpool really would not budge from their stance of getting 32 million, while Real only wanted to pay 30 million. It was interesting that the negotiations between the big wigs of each club was in a hotel that was close to Camp Nou, which is where Real Madrid’s rival Barcelona play.


The negotiations were friendly ones and Real Madrid stated they would give Liverpool what they wanted if they agreed to let Alonso go.

Since the rumors began many weeks ago about this deal, Alonso said from the get go that he really wanted to make the move to the new Real Madrid. The deal was agreed to by Alonso weeks ago, as he green lighted the move and just sat back and waited for the deal to get done.

Real Madrid just keeps on spending, as they have now spent over 230 million in transfer fees and they may not be done yet. Now in the Real Madrid fold are Alonso, Christianaldo Ronaldo, Kaka, and Karim Cenzema. Can defending La Liga and Champions League champions Barcelona keep up with Real this season? Time will tell, but for now Real is stacked and they have improved their club, big time this off-season.