Tips for Betting Soccer: Stay Disciplined

Tips for Betting on Soccer – Stay Disciplined!
by Jason Green of

It is never easy money to win at the gambling game. The main problem that many sports bettors have is not being able to have discipline. If you can stay disciplined when you bet on soccer it will increase your chances of being successful.

Here are a few things that can help you when betting on soccer:

Have a set betting bankroll. Have a certain amount of money to use on your betting and do not exceed it. The bankroll should be extra money that you can afford to lose, as it is gambling and you may not win! Bettors that do not manage their bankroll well are the ones that end up losing some serious green.

Record your bets. All gamblers that gamble for a living keep detailed records of their bets and you should too. If you keep detailed records of the bets that you make, you can find patterns. Make note of betting types, leagues, or teams that you win or lose on a consistent basis. By doing this you can come up with various strategies and increase your chance of being successful. If you have found that when you bet on AC Milan they lose, then stop betting on them! Keeping a record of your bets will also keep you away from making frivolous or crazy bets, which hardly ever win.


Don’t force a bet. You should only make a soccer bet when you have the edge over the bookmaker. You have to be patient, as if you do not find a bet where you have an edge or insight, then don’t make one. Is it better to win a bet making a wager on a division 3 French League game or a Champions League match? Obviously it is the latter, as you can get a ton of info and gain an edge.

Stay away from multiple bets and parlay bets. It is fun and more lucrative, if you win, to bet on many games on the same ticket, but it is much harder to win the bet. Bet on single games for most of your wagers. Sure, the payout is not as big, but you will win more often. When you get a feel of soccer betting and really know how to be successful, then you can wager on 2 or even 3 games, but do not do it often, as your chances of winning decrease significantly.

Don’t play too many leagues. You can’t get all the info on every league, as the more you know about a league the more successful you will be. Learn one, two, or even three leagues and everything about every team in that league. More information can be found on the bigger leagues such as the English Premier league, Italy Series A, and the Spanish first division.

Keep track of movements in the odds. Look for odd shifts on soccer matches. Try to figure out why the odds have moved. It can be because of an injury or a team that is bet bog on often, such as Manchester United. No matter why the odds moved, if you can’t find the reason it is a good idea not to bet on that match.

Don’t go overboard with your favorite team. Sure, it is fun to bet on your favorite team all the time, but do not bet too much. For example, my favorite team is Inter Milan. While they are successful much of the time, I do not bet on them every week, as teams will lose and the odds on a team every week will wildly fluctuate. Use your knowledge of a certain team to your advantage and know when to bet against or on them.

Go with your first instinct. If you come up with reasons why to bet on a match, the first and foremost reason is generally the one that I the most important. If something minor happens, such as an injury to a peripheral player or the weather changes, do not be afraid to make the bet if you think one team still has the advantage.