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Top 7 March Madness Sportsbook Bonuses

by | Last updated Mar 22, 2019 | Sportsbook News

The reality is that sportsbook bonuses are available all year long but there are definitely better deals depending on the time of year. The best time to bankroll up, or just try that new betting site you have been considering, is late August through September. That’s the time of year when the online sportsbooks will get the most bang for their buck. The players they draw in with juicy offers will often bet from football to the end of basketball. That means the books can afford to spend more on incentives.

The second best time to find a deposit bonus? Right. Now. For the sports bettor, March Madness means Bonus Madness. There are always sweet deals up until the Sweet Sixteen. Sometimes the bonus is not just about a big flashy deposit percentage but about the terms being much more favorable. For example some bonuses will keep the same percentage of 50% all year but the value varies based on the the rollover and the hoops players have to jump through. Think new car at a great price at 10% financing but before end of the year in December…0%! For more on rollovers, terms and conditions, and getting the most free cash, bookmark the Predictem Sportsbook Bonus Guide. Or, read each bookmaker’s individual review. Now let’s take a look at the top 7 March Madness Bonus promo offers.


#1 March Madness “Parlay Bonus” from Intertops


First Online Sportsbook

Great betting menu
Online for Over 20 Years

Value: Up to $600
Here at Predictem we preach about not betting into poor parlay odds. Not getting the best odds means you simply need to win at a higher rate to become profitable. But every once in a while there is a parlay promotion that requires no math… a real no-brainer. Modest parlay bettors should grab this deal if eligible. In a nutshell, Intertops will will pay you $50 extra for each 4 team parlay you win up to 12 parlays. You only have to risk $15 per parlay. So, if you are already a parlay bettor, that’s a free $600! 

#2 “March Madness 50% Bonus” Also From Intertops

Value: $100
Intertops is also offering their standard 50% bonus. They market this one as the “March Madness” bonus but really it is their same football bonus except the max has been lowered form $200 to $100. If you need bonus funds now for college hoops, it’s still a good deal, and one of the best. The play-through, aka rollover, is only 4x!



#3 “March Madness 50% Bonus” from Bovada


50% Cash Bonus

Friendliest Sportsbook &
Best Betting Software

Value: $250
Bovada is one of those sportsbooks that typically keep their bonus at $50% but change the other details. The max allowed will move from $250 to $500 at times and the rollover will fluctuate from five to ten times. Right now the rollover is only 5x making Bovada’s offering the best deposit bonus out there in our opinion.



#4 “50% March Madness Special” from Wagerweb


1% Cash Back

Pay less per bet &
get largest betting menu

Value: Up to $1,000
WagerWeb has a great March Madness Special for bettors that like to rapid fire and bet larger than the average punter. WagerWeb will bonus you up to $1,000 at a rate of 50%. The catch? The rollover of the bonus+deposit is 15x so you’ll need to wager at least $45,000 before cashing out if you take the max offered. An above average sized bettor may bet $250 or more at a time and make 4 bets each night. He will still need to be prepared to bet for at least a month and a half before needing that cash!


#5 50% Free Play “March Madness” Bonus from MyBookie


50% Free Play Offer

$1,000 Sign Up Bonus
Free Play - 10X Rollover

Value: Up to $500 (free plays are worth half of cash bonus)
The good news is the rollover is only 10x. The bad news is that the bonus is a free-play so it is worth about half as much as the number it represents unlike the offers above. Still, a lot of free money to use with all the basketball this month at a solid sportsbook with unique betting offerings.


#6 BetOnline’s “50% March Madness Special”


Highest College Limits

A Top Sportsbook For High Limits

Value: Up to $500 (free plays are worth half of cash bonus)
BetOnline recently released their new March madness offer of 50% free play up to $1,000. It mirrors the Mybookie offer above so players are best served by checking the betting offerings to see what sportsbook better suits them. 


#7 YouWager’s 50% March Madness Free Play


Create Your Own Prop Bets

Free Payouts

Value: Up to $250 (free plays are worth half of cash bonus)
YouWager is the third on our list that has a 50% free play offer. The only difference in terms is the max bonus amount is $500 versus those above that max at $1000. Still, definitely a worthy inclusion to our March list. With or without a bonus, Youwager is considered a must-have sportsbook.