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Welcome to the Predictem free MLB picks and betting information section where we take you out to the ballgame every day of the MLB season with free daily predictions throughout the 162 game regular season and playoffs. Here at Predictem, the professional sports handicappers are the players taking the field daily and offering their free winning sports selections as well as tips and handicapping information to help you boost your winning percentage and beat the bookie.

In baseball betting, a single is almost just as good as a homerun, so we ask that you please be patient and understand that this is a grind, not a get rich quick scheme. In turn we'll hit for a high average while throwing your bookie nothing but gas, sliders and hard to hit knuckleballs.

Bookmark our baseball picks page by clicking the link up on the top left and be sure to check back daily as we offer free previews (with analysis and a pick at the end) that are sure to pad your bankroll! We don't care about player salaries or who is doing steroids. It's all about covering the spread here at Predictem baby! Play ball!


MLB Picks, Baseball News and Promotions

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Saturday, April 22nd: Washington Nationals +103.

Friday, April 21st: Washington Nationals +106.

Thursday, April 20th: No value; Passing.

4/19/17: Baltimore Orioles/Cincinnati Reds UNDER 9.

4/18/17: Arizona Diamondbacks -120.

4/17/17: Seattle Mariners -145.

Sunday, April 2nd: San Francisco Giants -144.

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World Series Game 7 Pick: There's not really much that separates these teams. This is a game we'd normally pass on, but for the sake of it being game 7 and our readers wanting our opinion, we're going to side with the Cleveland Indians solely based on the fact that Hendricks isn't the same pitcher on the road as he is at Wrigley. Thank you for coming along for the ride with us this baseball season and GOOD LUCK tonight! - 11/2

Game 6: We can't find any advantages tonight so we're taking a pass. - 11/1

Game 5: Passing. - 10/30

Game 4 Play: Cleveland Indians +124. - 10/29

Game 3 Pick: Chicago Cubs -190. - 10/28

World Series Game 2 Prediction: Cubs/Indians OVER 7 runs. - 10/26

World Series Game 1 Pick: Cleveland Indians -105. - 10/25

Thursday: Passing. - 10/20

Wednesday ALCS: Toronto Blue Jays -181. - 10/19

Tuesday: Los Angeles Dodgers +103. - 10/18

Monday: Passing. - 10/17

Sunday: Chicago Cubs +110. - 10/16

Saturday: Passing. - 10/15

Friday ALCS Game 1 Pick: Toronto Blue Jays +129. - 10/14

Thursday NLDS Game 5 Pick: Washington Nationals -148. - 10/13

Wednesday: After last night's 4-run 9th inning by the Cubs, I am glad to say that there is no baseball today. Sick!

Tuesday National League Playoffs: San Francisco Giants +112. - 10/11

Monday NL Action: Washington Nationals +124. - 10/10

Saturday/Sunday NL Playoffs Pick: L.A. Dogers -119. - 10/8 (10/9)

Friday: Washington Nationals +133. - 10/7

Thursday MLB Playoffs: When you put two very good teams together anything can happen. It makes the selection process much harder. With today's games, there are all kinds of variables that don't match up well. I would normally like the Blue Jays, but off a big emotional win and the travel they just had to do, it kind of erases that advantage. In the BoSox/Rangers game, you've got a much better Boston team going up against a team that has owned them in Cleveland. It's those kind of things that knock us off a play and force us to pass. We can't force plays for the sake of having action. Unfortunately, we have to pass today. - 10/6

Wednesday NL Wildcard: Rough beat yesterday with Michael Bourn missing what looked like an easy running catch as the ball sliced away, which ultimately cost us the game. It's unfortunate, but that kind of stuff is going to happen. There's a good beat for every bad beat, it just doesn't seem like it! We're passing on today's Giants/Mets game. No value there. - 10/5

Tuesday AL Wildcard: Baltimore Orioles +133. - 10/4

September 21st-October 3rd: We're taking a break until the playoffs. With teams out of the race, September call-ups and players getting tired, it's getting increasingly difficult to predict accurate results. We'll pick back up when the playoffs start and we know we're getting 100% from both the players and Managers, as well as seeing set lineups. Please set a reminder for Tuesday, October 4th to to come back here and start winning again!

Managerial Changes: The Chicago White Sox named bench coach Rich Renteria as their new manager. Renteria replaces the departed Robin Ventura. Colorado Rockies 4-year manager Walt Weiss resigned today. - 10/3

Tuesday: Seattle Mariners +113. - 9/20

Monday: Colorado Rockies +101. - 9/19

Sunday: Passing. - 9/18

Saturday: There were no clear-cut advantages so we're taking a pass today. - 9/17

Friday: Detroit Tigers/Cleveland Indians UNDER 7.5, Arizona Diamondbacks +130 and Miami Marlins -132. - 9/16

Thursday: St. Louis Cardinals/San Francisco Giants UNDER 7 runs. - 9/15

Wednesday: Philadelphia Phillies +116. - 9/14

Tuesday: San Diego Padres +140. - 9/13

Monday's MLB Pick: Minnesota Twins/Detroit Tigers Under 9 -110 - 9/12

Sunday's MLB Pick: No value. Passing. - 9/11

Saturday's MLB Pick: Philadelphia Philles/Washington Nationals UNDER 7.5 -115 - 9/10

Friday's MLB Pick: Rough game yesterday as the Nats hit the ball HARD all over the park but it was always "at somebody". Today we like the Baltimore Orioles at -102. - 9/9

Thursday: Washington Nationals -205. Hate laying so much chalk but we have some great variables here. This line should actually be closer to -300. It's TOUGH on a road team the next day after going into extra innings and losing. Furthermore, Alec Asher is not a quality MLB pitcher. His numbers were crap last year so he dabbled in PED's and got busted. He's coming off a 50 game suspension and will be rusty as he's only thrown a few innings at low level minor league ball and 4 innings 5 days ago at AAA. Lastly, the guy misses his spots as evidenced by giving up 22 dingers in only 153 minor league innings last year. In his short MLB stint last season, he was beat up pretty good. Washington wins big here. - 9/8

Wednesday: Milwaukee Brewers +133. - 9/7

Tuesday: Philadelphia Philles/Miami Marlins UNDER 8.5. - 9/6

Monday: KC Royals -135. - 9/5

Sunday: Los Angeles Angels +120. - 9/4

Saturday: Our apologies for tanking on yesterday's best bet. Statistically speaking, the stars were aligned. It sure didn't turn out that way though! Today we like the Atlanta Braves at +110. - 9/3

Friday BEST BET: Chicago White Sox/Minnesota Twins UNDER 9 runs ***3 UNIT BEST BET*** - 9/2

Thursday: Today's short card offers no value so we're taking a pass. NEVER force a play just for the sake of having action (Not if you want to win long term). Back tomorrow with more winners! - 9/1

Wednesday: San Diego Padres/Atlanta Braves OVER 9 runs. - 8/31

Tuesday: Miami Marlins/New York Mets UNDER 8. - 8/30

Monday: Congrats to everybody who got on our yesterday's 4-0 train! To be perfectly candid, we'd have been happy to grind out a 2-2 collecting some underdog juice but we'll gladly take the sweep! Today's pick is the St. Louis Cardinals at -147. - 8/29

Sunday: TONS of value on today's board! Kansas City Royals +138, TB Rays +100, Oakland A's +150, Texas Rangers -104. - 8/28

Saturday: San Diego Padres +128. - 8/27

Friday: Toronto Blue Jays -235. Pat Dean is horrible. We really despise laying big wood, however, we make this game at -330 so there's actually some value here. - 8/26

Thursday: Milwaukee Brewers +112. - 8/25

Wednesday: Atlanta Braves/Arizona Diamondbacks UNDER 8.5 runs. - 8/24

Tuesday: Chicago White Sox -165. - 8/23

Monday: New York Yankees/Seattle Mariners OVER 8.5 runs. - 8/22

Sunday: Baltimore Orioles +105. - 8/21

Saturday: KC Royals -150. - 8/20

Friday: Detroit Tigers +113. - 8/19

Thursday: Miami Marlins/Cincinnati Reds UNDER 7.5. - 8/18

Wednesday: Kansas City Royals/Detroit Tigers UNDER 8 runs (+102). - 8/17

Tuesday: Houston Astros -155. - 8/16

Monday: Kansas City Royals +122. - 8/15

Sunday: Kansas City Royals +108. (2:10PM EST) - 8/14

Saturday: Philadelphia Phillies +105. - 8/13

Friday: Cincinnati Reds/Milwaukee Brewers OVER 9 runs. - 8/12

Thursday: Atlanta Braves +112. - 8/11

Wednesday: Minnesota Twins +120 and Seattle Mariners -110. - 8/10

Tuesday: Atlanta Braves +116. - 8/9

Monday: Tampa Bay Rays/Toronto Blue Jays UNDER 9. - 8/8

Sunday: Minnesota Twins +112. - 8/7

Saturday: Washington Nationals -240. - 8/6

Friday: Miami Marlins/Colorado Rockies OVER 11.5 runs. - 8/5

Thursday: Los Angeles Angels -140. - 8/4

Wednesday: Pittsburgh Pirates/Atlanta Braves OVER 8.5. - 8/3

Tuesday: Cincinnati Reds +134. - 8/2

Monday: New York Yankees -111. - 8/1

Sunday: St. Louis Cardinals/Miami Marlins UNDER 8 -120 - 7/31

Saturday: Colorado Rockies +137 - 7/30

Friday: New York Yankees/Tampa Bay Rays UNDER 7.5 -105 - 7/29

Thursday: No value, so taking a pass today. - 7/28

Wednesday: Cincinnati Reds +210 - 7/27

Tuesday: Atlanta Braves/Minnesota Twins OVER 9 -115 - 7/26

Monday: Los Angeles Angels/Kansas City Royals UNDER 8.5 -105 - 7/25

Sunday: New York Mets/Miami Marlins OVER 8.5 -110 - 7/24

Saturday: St. Louis Cardinals +116 - 7/23

Friday: Philadelphia Phillies/Pittsburgh Pirates UNDER 8 -115 - 7/22

Thursday: Minnesota Twins/Boston Red Sox OVER 10 -108 - 7/21

Wednesday: Colorado Rockies -106 - 7/20

Tuesday: Minnesota Twins/Detroit Tigers OVER 9.5 -105 - 7/19

Monday: Zero value on the card today. - 7/18

Sunday: Cleveland Indians/Minnesota Twins OVER 9 -109 - 7/17

Saturday: Philadelphia Phillies -110 - 7/16

Friday: Chicago White Sox/Los Angeles Angels UNDER 8 +100 - 7/15

Saturday: Philadelphia Phillies/Colorado Rockies UNDER 12 +105 - 7/10

Saturday: Pittsburgh Pirates +147 - 7/9

Friday: Seattle Mariners/Kansas City Royals UNDER 8.5 -105 - 7/8

Thursday: Oakland A's/Houston Astros UNDER 8 +100 - 7/7

Wednesday: Minnesota Twins -108 - 7/6

Tuesday: Texas Rangers/Boston Red Sox OVER 9 +100 - 7/5

Monday: Detroit Tigers +165 - 7/4

Sunday: Chicago White Sox/Houston Astros UNDER 8 +100. - 7/3

Saturday: Chicago White Sox +102. - 7/2

Friday: Detroit Tigers -106. - 7/1

Thursday: Seattle Mariners -104. - 6/30

Wednesday: Passing. - 6/29

Tuesday: Pittsburgh Pirates/Seattle Mariners OVER 8 runs. - 6/28

Monday: Colorado Rockies -102. - 6/27

Sunday: Cleveland Indians +120. - 6/26

Saturday: Chicago White Sox +107. - 6/25

Friday: Washington Nationals/Milwaukee Brewers UNDER 7.5. - 6/24

Thursday: San Diego Padres -104. - 6/23

Wednesday: Chicago White Sox +111. - 6/22

Tuesday: Kansas City Royals +1.5 -125. - 6/21

Monday: Miami Marlins -117. - 6/20

Sunday: Detroit/Kansas City UNDER 9. - 6/19

Saturday: Baltimore Orioles -105. - 6/18

Friday: Chicago Cubs -235. - 6/17

Thursday: Kansas City Royals +104. - 6/16

Wednesday: Tampa Bay Rays -125. - 6/15

Tuesday: Colorado Rockies +101. - 6/14

Monday: Mil/SF UNDER 7.5 runs. - 6/13

Sunday: Kansas City Royals +111. - 6/12

Saturday: Tampa Bay Rays -138. - 6/11

Friday: Baltimore Orioles +111. - 6/10

Thursday: Houston Astros -125. - 6/9

Wednesday: Minnesota Twins -104. - 6/8

Tuesday: Minnesota Twins +106. - 6/7

Monday: Kansas City Royals/Baltimore Orioles UNDER 9 runs. - 6/6

Sunday Night Baseball Pick: St. Louis Cardinals -153. - 6/5

Saturday: Colorado Rockies -106 - 6/4

Friday Bets: Cardinals -105, A's +127, Padres -145 and Pirates -160. - 6/3

Thursday: Detroit Tigers +108. - 6/2

Wednesday: Colorado Rockies -185. We expect this line to shoot up so get it fast! - 6/1

Tuesday: Atlanta Braves +120. - 5/31

Monday: Pittsburgh Pirates/Miami Marlins OVER 9 runs. - 5/30

Sunday: Los Angeles Dodgers -219, Kansas City Royals +130, Seattle Mariners -180 and St. Louis Cardinals +178. - 5/29

Saturday: Arizona Diamondbacks -186. - 5/28

Friday: Cincinnati Reds +124. - 5/27

Thursday: Houston Astros -114. - 5/26

Wednesday: Arizona Diamondbacks +113. We have heavy expectations that the Pirates are not going to hit De La Rosa very well. We'll go out on a limb and predict that Pitt. won't put up more than 2 runs tonight. - 5/25

Tuesday: Washington Nationals -161. We're pretty sure that Harvey has something wrong with him. The Nats have beat him up in 2 of his last 3 starts as well. - 5/24

Monday: Washington Nationals -142. - 5/23

Sunday: Milwaukee Brewers/New York Mets UNDER 7 runs. - 5/22

Saturday: Atlanta Braves +125. - 5/21

Friday: Philadelphia Phillies -163. - 5/20

Thursday: Oakland A's -110. - 5/19

Wednesday: Washington Nationals -110. - 5/18

Tuesday: Chicago White Sox -107. - 5/17

Monday MLB Pick: Tampa Bay Rays +113. - 5/16

Sunday: Oakland A's +110. - 5/15

Saturday: San Francisco Giants/Arizona Diamondbacks OVER 9.5 runs. - 5/14

Friday: Cincinnati Reds +107. - 5/13

Thursday: Houston Astros/Boston Red Sox OVER 8. - 5/12

Wednesday: Cleveland Indians -138. - 5/11

Tuesday: Arizona Dbacks -104 and New York Yankees -182. - 5/10

Monday: Toronto Blue Jays -125. - 5/9

Sunday: Chicago White Sox -190. - 5/8

Saturday: San Francisco Giants -170. - 5/7

Friday: Oakland Athletics -105 - 5/6

Thursday: Philadelphia Phillies +1.5 (runline) and Brewers/Reds OVER 9. - 5/5

Wednesday: Tampa Bay Rays -162. - 5/4

Tuesday: Atlanta Braves on the runline at +2.5 (-165) - 5/3

Monday: Colorado Rockies -117. - 5/2

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