New Mexico Lobos vs. Arizona State Sun Devils Odds – Pick Against the Spread

New Mexico Lobos (2-0 SU, 2-0 ATS) vs. Arizona State Sun Devils (1-1 SU, 0-2 ATS)
College Football Week 3
Date/Time: Friday September 18th, 2015 10pm ET
Where: Sun Devil Stadium
by Tim B., NCAA Football Handicapper,

Point Spread: NEW. +28/ARI. -28
Over/Under Total: 65.5

The Lobos invade scenic Sun Devil Stadium for a chance at glory and drunk memories taking on Arizona State. Sun Devil Stadium was scenic until recently when State Farm parallel parked a 20 story concrete and glass window blind right in front of the once beautiful Stadium; Thank You State Farm!!!! Attention grabbing capitalism takes a back seat this Friday as the star of the show—and former CFB Playoff Bound ASU—efforts to bounce back from a Week 1 humiliating loss to Texas A&M. The stands will be packed, the desert will be hot, and the Lobos will be dripping blood avoiding a Sun Devil pitchfork this Friday. Lets take a look at both teams.

New Mexico ripped a page right out of Alabamas playbook opening the 2015 campaign with a 66-0 mauling of Mississippi Valley State (thought MVSUs football program was discontinued?). Jumping from Kindergarten and directly into Junior High, the Lobos had their car waxed by a middle of the road Tulsa team 40-21 as the Golden Hurricanes pasted 600 yards of total offense on the Lobos. Well, birthdays come only once per year and New Mexico finds its self right back where it started as a programjust a program. New Mexico is led by a student body who likes to drink and get rowdy no matter the score and the team follows Sophomore Lamar Jordan. Jordan hasnt exactly been lighting up the scoreboard throwing the ball in 2015. Jordan is 14-20 for 205 yards in two games tossing 1 touchdown and surviving one pick. It is safe to say Jordan is a Running QB (Cant pass the ball) and the uphill road against this top tier PAC 12 team just got covered with broken glass; if Jordan cant throw the ball. Lets face it: New Mexico isnt really a very good team and hasnt been since the Eisenhower Administration. The Lobos schedule MVSU so they decorate the Losses around one or two wins per year. New Mexico is pretty good at covering the spread going 6-2 Against the Spread in their last 8, 4 and 1 Against the Spread playing on the road in their last 5, but the Lobos are a predictable 6 and 19 Straight Up on the Road in their last 25. The Lobos do not have the talent, coaching ability, or confidence to walk into Sun Devil Stadium and take down ASU. Can New Mexico cover the Spread? Well, that may be another story! Lets look at the Arizona State Sun Devils.


Arizona State began the season like any other CFB Team ala Mississippi State, Penn State, Wyoming; We can do it Boys! I expect a National Championship out of this squad! That works for the Booster Club at the Aladdin Temple when the screwdrivers are being passed around like a $2 Working Girl at a Navy Shipyard! But ASU hasnt been relevant since Jake The Snake and NFL Flop Plumber scavenged the ASU Campus looking for cheerleaders. But hey, thats cool, until you get totally beaten up by a surprising Texas A&M squad in Week 1. After that Prime Time smoker ASU just wants to be Bowl eligible. Against the Spread, Arizona State is 1 and 5 in their last 6 games and zero and two in 2015. Thats just not getting it done. Arizona State is 5 and 0 in their last five at home (didnt really play anybody), 18 and 6 Straight Up in their last 24 games, and 3-7 in their last 10 games Against the Spread at home. Now I detest lumping 2013 stats, 2014 stats, with 2015 projections. But what you see with Arizona State year after yearunlike most schools, is a tendency to Promise high and deliver low. Yes, yes, yes, Arizona States uniforms are really cool, and Yes, yes, yes, Scottsdale and Tempe are pretty cool places in the middle of the desert. But Arizona State time and time again promises the faade of Goodness (just like the pictures of the Quarter Pounder at McDonalds >>> I aint NEVER been served anything close to THAT picture) but delivers something much different and unsettling. Arizona State puts up yards but they also give up yards and playing non-games like Cal Poly isnt getting it done in Phoenix.

In this matchup between New Mexico and Arizona State we have a mismatch. If Arizona State throws 13 interceptions and fumbles the ball 35 times, New Mexico might be in the gameat the half! But thats probably not going to happen and the coaching staff at Arizona State will probably try and put together sustained drives to give their Kids confidence for the PAC-12 schedule putting the brakes on explosive, quick strike plays and stifling the Arizona State offense. It happens every week; a mismatch and the coaches, instead of standing on the opponents throat, decide to milk the clock and control the game with time of possession. Right after the Control the clock strategy, Lets put in the backups Bob and get them some experience, yes??!! It happens every time. The heavy favorite approaching the number then Freshman QB Bill Stevens from Wannachoochoo Delaware comes into the game and cant handle the snap!! The Net result for Bettors is a lackluster performance and an Against the Spread loss. Twenty eight points is the gig line in this game thingy! Ill take the OVER and walk it to the Bank!

Tim Bs Pick to Cover the Point Spread: Play the OVER

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