NFL Football Betting Advice

Welcome to our NFL betting advice section where we have written articles that can and will help you increase your odds of beating the NFL point spread and better yet, collecting from your bookie rather than paying him on Tuesday!

The following articles were written by professional football handicappers who know what their talking about. Many which have lost their #$@#@! for many years before they even got a sniff of winning. Let them save you some time and help erase the mistakes you may be making. Betting on football looks easy, however, Vegas wasn’t build on winners and bookies don’t drive cadillacs for no reason! Read these articles and the rest of our NFL betting and handicapping sections and increase your odds of winning TODAY!

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint - Broad Street Cappers give keys to winning long term including money management, checking emotions and more!

Handicapping Preseason NFL Games - Tips and advice on how to handicap NFL preseason games.

Betting NFL Underdogs - This should be the first thing you consider every Sunday. It takes a shift in the way you think but after you notice a shift in the loot in your wallet, it’s not so hard to do.

Overlooked NFL Handicapping Variables - We mention capping tools that most amateur cappers and services don’t.

Betting on Nationally Televised Games - The pros and cons of doing so. There’s great value to be found as well as horrible trap spreads.

How to Handicap NFL Games - Vernon Croy gives Predictem readers examples of things that you should consider while handicapping NFL games. These tips/advice WILL increase your winning percentage!

Blowout Victims Offer Wagering Value - Charles advises not to write off teams who have been the recent victim of a blowout and gives his reasons why. It’s golden advice as pro football point spreads are based on public perception.

How to Sustain Losing Streaks - Bad beats happen. Nobody is exempt from going through losing streaks. It happens to even the best of handicappers. Charles talks about how to “keep it together” through these times and gives advice of what not to do when you find yourself mired in a slump.

Should You Bet on Good or Bad Teams? - Many have an opinion on this but very few are right. It’s a common conception amongst football betting wiseguys that good teams win and bad teams cover. All-the-while, the common football bettor can’t help themselves when it comes to avoiding point spreads that offer little to no value.