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Welcome to the free soccer picks section! We'd like to apologize to all of our world wide readers/punters for calling these predictions "soccer" picks, however, to differentiate NFL/College football picks and Euro football picks we'll refer to the odd shaped ball as "football" and the round ball "soccer". We hope that you're cool with this!

But what really matters here, regardless of what we call the sport, is that we give out winning picks and predictions as well as teach the less informed how to bet on soccer matches. Check back here daily for new updates as we'll be covering all the BIG World Cup games with analysis and game predictions! Enjoy!

Soccer Picks, News and Promotions


2016 Euro Cup Predictions

France vs Portugal Pick 7/10

France vs Germany Pick 7/7

France vs Iceland Pick 7/3

Germany vs. Italy Pick 7/2

Germany vs. Slovakia Pick 6/26

Croatia vs. Portugal Pick 6/25

Germany vs. Poland Pick 6/16

England vs. Wales Pick 6/16

England vs. Russia Pick 6/11

France vs. Romania Pick 6/10

2016 Euro Cup Futures

2016 Euro Cup Futures Analysis - Contenders - A look at the main contenders based on odds for the Euro Cup.

2016 Euro Cup Futures Analysis - Dark Horses - Analysis of the dark horse teams for value based on prices for the Euro Cup.

2016 Soccer Game Previews - Predictions

International Friendlies Analysis - Predictions:
Germany vs. Slovakia Pick - 5/29
Romania vs. Ukraine Pick - 5/29

Champions League Final: Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid Pick - 5/28

Sunday English Premier League Previews and Picks:
Southampton vs. Crystal Palace Pick - 5/15
Stoke City vs. West Ham United Pick - 5/15

Sunday Premier League: Leicester City vs. Everton Pick - 5/8

Wednesday Champions League: Real Madrid vs. Manchester City Pick - 5/4

Monday Premier League: Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur Pick - 5/2

Sunday Premier League: Manchester United vs. Leicester City Pick - 5/1

Sunday Premier League: Manchester United vs. Arsenal Pick - 5/17

Monday Italy Serie A Preview: AS Roma vs. Juventus Prediction to Win - 3/2

Sunday EPL Match Preview: Southampton vs. Liverpool Prediction to Win - 2/22

Saturday Premier League Socceer Preview and Pick:
Liverpool vs. Chelsea Prediction to Win - 11/8

Tuesday Champions League Match: Paris Saint-Germain vs. Barcelona Prediction to Win - 9/30

Sunday World Cup Final: Germany vs. Argentina World Cup Prediction - 7/13

Wednesday World Cup Soccer Action: Netherlands vs. Argentina Prediction - 7/9

Saturday World Cup Analysis: Netherlands vs. Costa Rica Prediction to Win - 7/5

Friday World Cup Game Preview: France vs. Germany Prediction - 7/4

Sunday WC Preview: Holland vs. Mexico Prediction to Win - 6/29

Monday World Cup Action: Croatia vs. Mexico Prediction to Win - 6/23

Sunday World Cup Previews: USA vs. Portugal Prediction to Win and Belgium vs. Russia Prediction - 6/22

Thursday World Cup Previews: Uruguay vs. England World Cup Pick and Switzerland vs. France Prediction - 6/19

Saturday Champions League Preview: Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid Pick - 5/24

Sunday England Premier Match Preview: Manchester City vs. West Ham United Prediction to Win - 5/11

Wednesday Champions League Analysis: Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona Pick - 4/9

Wednesday Champions League Match: Barcelona vs. Manchester City Pick - 3/12

Sunday La Liga Match Preview: Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid Pick - 3/2

Sunday Italy Serie A: Juventus vs. AS Roma Pick (2:45PM EST) - 1/5

Monday England Premier League Match Preview: Arsenal vs. Chelsea Pick. (3PM EST) - 12/23

World Cup: 2014 World Cup Group Stage Picks.

Sunday EPL Match Preview: Arsenal vs. Everton Pick. (11AM EST) - 12/8

Wednesday Champions League Preview: Real Madrid vs. Juventus Pick - 10/23

Monday EPL Match Preview: Swansea City vs. Liverpool Pick - 9/16

Thursday Confederations Cup Preview: Spain vs. Italy Confederations Cup Pick - 6/27

Saturday Champions League Final: Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern Munich Pick - 5/25

Tuesday Champions League: Bayern Munich vs. Barcelona Pick - 4/23

Saturday Italy Serie A: Inter Milan vs. Juventus Pick - 3/30

Saturday England Premier League Match: Everton vs. Manchester City Pick - 3/16

Tuesday Copa Del Rey Preview: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Pick - 2/26

Sunday Italy Serie A Match Preview: Fiorentina vs. Inter Milan Pick - 2/17

Sunday England Premier League: Manchester United vs. Everton Pick - 2/10

Sunday EPL Soccer Preview: Manchester City vs. Liverpool Pick - 2/3

Saturday England FA Cup Soccer: Stoke City vs. Manchester City Pick (8:45AM EST) - 1/26

Sunday EPL Preview and Prediction: Tottenham vs. Manchester United Pick - 1/20

Sunday La Liga Preview: Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid Pick (3PM EST) - 12/16

Saturday La Liga Preview: Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid Pick (3PM EST) - 12/1

Saturday EPL Preview: West Bromwich Albion vs. Chelsea Pick - 11/17

Sunday England Premier League Action: Manchester City vs. Tottenham Pick - 11/12

Saturday England Premier League Match Preview: Manchester United vs. Arsenal Pick - 11/3

Sunday England Premier League: Chelsea vs. Manchester United Pick - 10/28

Sunday Italy Serie A Preview and Bet Recommendation: AC Milan vs. Inter Milan Pick - 10/7

Saturday EPL Analysis and Tip: Manchester United vs. Tottenham Pick - 9/29

Sunday England Premier League Betting: Liverpool vs. Arsenal Pick - 9/2

Sunday EPL Preview: Liverpool vs. Manchester City Pick - 8/26

Monday England Premier League: Everton vs. Manchester United Pick - 8/20

Sunday EPL: Chelsea vs. Manchester City Pick - 8/12

Note: Jason (our soccer handicapper) is away on his honeymoon for three weeks. He's the only guy in our office that knows soccer so in summary, our previews/picks will be suspended until he returns. Thanks for your patience. - 6/21

Friday Euro 2012 Match Preview: Ukraine vs. France Pick - 6/15

Saturday Champions League: Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea Pick - 5/19

Monday England Premier League: Manchester City vs. Manchester United Pick - 4/30

Sunday England Premier League: Arsenal vs. Chelsea Pick - 4/21

Sunday Italy Serie A Match Preview: Juventus vs. Inter Milan Pick - 3/25

Sunday La Liga Match Preview: Barcelona vs. Valencia Pick (2PM EST) - 2/19

Sunday England Premier Matchday 24: Chelsea vs. Manchester United Pick (10AM EST) - 2/5

Sunday England Premier Matchday 22: Arsenal vs. Manchester United Pick - 1/22

Sunday England Premier: Manchester City vs. Arsenal Pick (10:10AM EST) - 12/18

EPL Matchday 8: Liverpool vs. Manchester United Pick - 10/15

Rooney Suspended 3 Games: Wayne Rooney will miss the whole group state of the Euro Championship after being slapped with a 3 game ban for kicking Montenegro defender Miodrag Dzudovic last Friday. - 10/13

Sunday EPL Day 5: Manchester United vs. Chelsea Pick - 9/19

Saturday Champions League Final: Barcelona vs. Manchester United Pick - 5/28

Sunday England Premier League Matchday 35: Arsenal vs. Manchester United Pick - 5/1

Wednesday Champions League Semifinals: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona Pick - 4/27

Sunday England Premier League Matchday 34: Bolton vs. Arsenal Pick - 4/24

Wednesday Copa Del Rey Final: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Pick - 4/20

Sunday EPL Matchday 30: Chelsea vs. Manchester City Pick - 3/20

Wednesday La Liga Matchday 26: Valencia vs. Barcelona Betting Odds and Pick - 3/2

Wednesday Champions League Soccer: Inter Milan vs. Bayern Munich Pick - 2/23

Thursday, Italy Seria A Matchday 23 Preview and Pick:
Bari vs. Inter Milan Pick (1:45PM EST) - 2/3

Saturday La Liga Matchday 21 Preview and Pick:
Hercules vs. Barcelona Pick (1PM EST) - 1/29

Sunday La Liga Game Analysis and Play:
Real Madrid vs. Mallorca Pick (12PM EST) - 1/23

Sunday La Liga Preview and Pick:
Real Madrid vs. Villareal Pick (3PM EST) - 1/9

Monday EPL Preview and Pick:
Arsenal vs. Chelsea Pick - 12/27

Monday English Premier League Match Preview and Prediction:
Manchester United vs. Arsenal Pick (2PM EST) - 12/13

Sunday EPL Preview and Pick:
Liverpool vs. Chelsea Pick (10AM EST) - 11/7

Sunday England Premier League Match Preview and Pick:
Manchester City vs. Arsenal Pick (11AM EST) - 10/24

Tuesday Champions League Match Preview and Pick to Win:
Real Madrid vs. AC Milan Pick (2:45PM EST) - 10/19

Saturday English Premier League Match Preview and Pick:
Aston Villa vs. Chelsea Pick (12:30PM EST) - 10/16

Tuesday Champions League Game:
Ajax vs. AC Milan Pick - 9/28

Star Returns: LA Galaxy star David Beckham was activated off the disabled list and is expected to return to action. - 9/9

Maradona Not Happy: Argentina's soccer federation has reportedly asked coach Diego Maradona to replace most of his staff. He has in turn let them know that he would not be renewing his contract if even one of his assistants were forced to leave. - 7/27

Sunday World Cup Championship Game Preview and Pick to Win:
Spain vs. Holland - 7/11

Saturday World Cup Third Place Game Preview and Pick:
Germany vs. Uruguay - 7/10

Tuesday WC Semifinal Picks:
Holland vs. Uruguay
Germany vs. Spain - 7/6

Saturday WC Game Analysis and Predictions:
Argentina vs. Germany
Spain vs. Paraguay - 7/3

Friday World Cup Analysis and Plays:
Brazil vs. Holland
Uruguay vs. Ghana - 7/2

Monday World Cup Game Previews and Picks:
Holland vs. Slovakia
Brazil vs. Chile - 6/28

US Star to Sign With English Premier League Team? Multiple sources are stating that USA soccer star Landon Donovan is being targeted by Manchester City of the EPL. - 6/28

Sunday World Cup Analysis and Game Predictions:
Germany vs. England
Argentina vs. Mexico - 6/27

Saturday World Cup Plays with Analysis:
USA vs. Ghana
Uruguay vs. South Korea - 6/26

Friday World Cup Picks:
Chile vs. Spain
Portugal vs. Brazil - 6/25

Thursday World Cup Picks:
Slovakia vs. Italy - 6/24

Wednesday World Cup Match Analysis and Predictions:
USA vs. Algeria
Slovenia vs. England - 6/23

Monday World Cup Game Preview and Prediction to Win:
Spain vs. Honduras - 6/21

Saturday World Cup Preview and Play: Holland vs. Japan - 6/19

Friday World Cup Match Previews and Predictions:
Slovenia vs. USA Preview and Pick to Win
Germany vs. Serbia Preview and Pick - 6/18

Thursday World Cup Action: France vs. Mexico - 6/17

Wednesday World Cup Match Analysis and Picks:
Spain vs. Switzerland - 6/16

Monday World Cup Game Previews and Predictions:
Holland vs. Denmark
Italy vs. Paraguay
Japan vs. Cameroon - 6/13

Sunday World Cup Game Analysis and Predictions:
Germany vs. Australia - 6/13

Saturday World Cup Previews and Picks:
USA vs. England
Argentina vs. Nigera - 6/12

Friday World Cup Game Previews w/Analysis and Picks:
France vs. Uruguay - 6/11

World Cup Previews and Betting Odds (By Group):
World Cup Group A Preview
World Cup Group B Preview
World Cup Group C Preview
World Cup Group D Preview
World Cup Group E Preview
World Cup Group F Preview
World Cup Group G Preview
World Cup Group H Preview

Saturday Champions League Final Preview and Pick to Win: Inter Milan vs. Bayern Munich - 5/22

Wednesday Soccer Preview and Pick: Atletico Madrid vs. Sevilla Copa Del Ray - 5/19

Tuesday Soccer Match Preview and Prediction to Win:
Mallorca vs. Real Madrid - 5/5

Sunday Champions League Final Preview and Pick:
Lazio vs. Inter Milan - 5/2

Wednesday Champions League Semifinal Match Preview and Pick:
Barcelona vs. Inter Milan - 4/28

Tuesday Champions League Semifinal Preview and Pick:
Lyon vs. Bayern Munich - 4/27

Star Injured: Soccer star David Beckham will miss the entire MLS season with an achilles tendon issue. - 4/25

Sunday Soccer Match Preview and Pick to Win:
AS Roma vs. Sampdoria - 4/25

Tuesday Soccer Game Preview and Pick:
Inter Milan vs. Barcelona - 4/20

Thursday Soccer Match Preview and Play:
Almeria vs. Real Madrid - 4/15

Wednesday Soccer Preview and Prediction:
Arsenal vs. Barcelona - 3/31

Saturday Soccer Game Preview and Pick:
As Roma vs. Inter Milan - 3/26

Wednesday Soccer Match Preview and Pick:
Getafe vs. Real Madrid - 3/25

Wednesday Soccer Game Preview and Pick:
Stuttgart vs. Barcelona - 3/17

Tuesday Soccer Preview and Tip:
Inter Milan vs. Chelsea - 3/16

Sunday Soccer Match Preview and Tip:
Udinese vs. Inter Milan - 2/28

Wednesday Soccer Game Preview and Tip:
Inter Milan vs. Chelsea - 2/24

Tuesday Soccer Preview and Pick:
Stuttgart vs. Barcelona - 2/23

Sunday La Liga Soccer Match Preview and Prediction:
Real Madrid vs. Villarreal - 2/21

Wednesday Soccer Match Previews and Predictions:
Bayern Munich vs. Fiorentina
Porto vs. Arsenal - 2/17

Tuesday Soccer Game Previews and Picks:
Olympique Lyonnais vs. Real Madrid
AC Milan vs. Manchester United - 2/16

Suspended: Cristiano Ronaldo has been suspended for 2 games for breaking the nose of an opponent on Sunday. - 1/26

Sunday Serie A Preview and Pick:
AC Milan vs. Inter Milan - 1/24

Tuesday Carling Cup Preview and Pick: Manchester City vs. Manchester United - 1/19

Sunday Soccer Match Preview and Recommended Bet:
Juventus vs. AC Milan - 1/10

Full List of Teams: 2010 World Cup Countries

2010 World Cup: World Cup Groups - 12/11

Wednesday Soccer Preview and Play:
Dynamo Kiev vs. Barcelona - 12/9

Saturday Soccer Preview and Pick:
Juventus vs. Inter Milan - 12/5

Sunday Match:
Barcelona vs. Real Madrid - 11/29

Monday Preview and Pick:
Barcelona vs. Inter Milan - 11/24

Wednesday World Cup Qualifier:
Greece vs. Ukraine - 11/18

Saturday World Cup Qualifying Match:
Portugal vs. Bosnia Herzegovina - 11/14

Sunday Italy Serie A Preview and Pick:
AS Roma vs. Inter Milan - 11/7

Wednesday Champions League Match:
Lyon vs. Liverpool - 11/4

Tuesday Champions League Match:
AC Milan vs. Real Madrid - 11/3

Thursday Italy Serie A Match:
AC Milan vs. Palermo -10/29

Wednesday Soccer Preview/Pick:
Napoli vs. AC Milan - 10/28

World Cup Standings - Current standings for the 2010 event held in South Africa.

Sunday Premier League Match:
Liverpool vs. Manchester United - 10/25

Wednesday Champions League Match:
Real Madrid vs. AC Milan - 10/21

You're Fired! 2010 World Cup host South Africa fired head coach Joel Santana today. - 10/19

Sunday Serie A:
AC Milan vs. AS Roma - 10/18

Saturday English Premier League Match:
Aston Villa vs. Chelsea - 10/17

Wednesday Match:
Argentina vs. Uruguay - 10/14

Star Striker Injuried: USA striker Charlie Davies was injured in a single car automobile crash. His injuries are said to be non life threatening. - 10/13

Early Sunday: Ranger vs. Celtic Ibrox - 10/4

Wednesday Soccer Matches:
FC Porto vs. Atletico Madrid
Bayern Munich vs. Juventus - 9/30

Tuesday Preview and Picks:
Barcelona vs. Dynamo Kiev
Rubin Kazan vs. Inter Milan - 9/29

Wednesday Soccer Matches:
Villareal vs. Real Madrid
Fiorentina vs. Sampdoria - 9/23

Sunday: AS Roma vs. Florentina - 9/20

Wednesday: Serbia vs. France - 9/9

Saturday World Cup Qualifying:
Romania vs. France Preview and Pick
Brazil vs. Argentina - 9/5

Saturday: AC Milan vs. Inter Milan Picks - 8/29

Thursday: Hearts vs. Dinamo Zagreb Preview and Picks - 8/27

Rumor: Sergio Aguero may be going to Chelsea after all. - 8/26

Friday: Hoffenheim vs. Schalke Preview and Pick - 8/21

Wednesday: Lyon vs. Anderlecht Preview and Pick - 8/19

Saturday: Bayern Munich vs. Werder Bremen Preview and Pick - 8/15

Barcelona to acquire Cesc Fabregas? - 8/12

World Cup Qualifying: Belarus vs. Croatia Preview and Picks - 8/12

Looking Ahead: Spanish press reports are stating that Bayern star Franck Ribery will join Real Madrid in 2010. - 8/11

Chelsea to Sign Star? Chelsea is ready to pay big bucks for Pato of AC Milan - 8/9

Looking to Improve: AC Milan Looks to Sign Players - 8/8

Season Opener: VfL Wolfsburg vs. VfB Stuttgart Preview and Picks - 8/7

Acquisition: Real Madrid Acquires Xabi Alonso - 8/4

Tuesday: 2009 Champions League 2nd Leg Preview and Picks - 8/4

Star to Change Teams? Arsenal makes bid for star striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar - 7/28

Tuesday: Real Madrid vs. L.D.U. Quito Preview and Pick - 7/28

Monday Peace Cup: Lyon vs. FC Porto Preview and Pick - 7/27

Deal Back On? Xabi Alonso Headed to Real Madrid? - 7/21

The Big Guns of Football Meet: 2009 World Football Challenge - 7/19

Star Players Swap Teams: Zlatan Ibrahimovic goes to Barcelona and Samuel Eto'o will be playing for Inter. - 7/17

Staying Put: Bayern Munich's GM Uli Hoeness says French Striker Franck Ribery will not be going to Real Madrid. - 7/16

Rumor: Emmanuel Adebayor to Sign with Manchester City? - 7/15

Star Striker Ready to Sign: David Villa to Sign with Barcelona - 7/12

AC Milan Adds Star: Oguchi Onyewu Signs - 7/8

Wednesday: Estudiantes vs. Crueiro Copa Libertadores - 7/8

Big Signing to be Announced: Real Madrid Agrees to Terms with Karim Benzema - 7/2

Staying Put? Eto'o May Not Be Going Anywhere After All - 6/30

Offensively Challenged? Manchester United Scrambling for Strikers - 6/24

Wednesday Confederations Cup Semifinals: Spain vs. USA Preview and Pick - 6/24

Sunday: Italy vs. Brazil Preview and Pick - 6/21

Confederations Cup: Egypt vs. Italy Preview and Pick - 6/18

World Cup Qualifying: Italy vs. USA Preview and Pick - 6/15

Another Star to Change Uniforms? Rumors out of the UK are that Fernando Torres may be headed to Manchester United. - 6/15

Star Changes Teams: Real Madrid Acquires Cristiano Ronaldo - 6/11

Wednesday: Previews and Picks for South America World Cup Qualifying Games - 6/10

Wednesday: World Cup Qualifying Russia vs. Finland Preview and Pick - 6/10

Trade Rejection: Barcelona has rejected a trade of Andres Iniesta for Zlatan Ibrahimovic

WC Qualifying: Ukraine vs. Croatia - 6/6

Key Games: Jason talks about key upcoming World Cup Qualifying Games - 6/4

World Cup Qualifier: USA vs. Costa Rica Preview and Pick - 6/3

Star to Leave? Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Leave Inter Milan? - 6/1

Preview and Pick: Fiorentina vs. AC Milan - 5/31

Saturday: 2009 German Cup Preview and Picks - 5/30

Friday Friendly Match: Ireland vs. Nigeria Preview and Pick - 5/29

Wednesday: Barcelona vs. Manchester Preview and Pick - 5/27

Sunday: AS Roma vs. AC Milan Preview and Pick - 5/24

Saturday: Werder Bremen vs. VFL Wolfsburgh Preview and Pick - 5/23

2009/2010 Italy Serie A Futures - Inter Milan is the heavy favorite at -110 with Bologna holding up the rear at a whopping +200000.

Shaktar Donetsk vs. Werder Bremen: UEFA Cup Championship Preview and Pick - 5/20

World Cup Qualifying Standings - 5/19

Bet Smart! Jason talks about betting with your head and not your heart when wagering on your favorite team and more: Disciplined Approach - 5/17

In Play Betting - Many aren't aware, but most sportsbooks allow you to bet during the game or at halftime, which can give an astute bettor a huge advantage. - 5/16

Free Soccer Picks

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