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Free Soccer Picks

Welcome to the free soccer picks section! We'd like to apologize to all of our world wide readers/punters for calling these predictions "soccer" picks, however, to differentiate NFL/College football picks and Euro football picks we'll refer to the odd shaped ball as "football" and the round ball "soccer". We hope that you're cool with this!

But what really matters here, regardless of what we call the sport, is that we give out winning picks and predictions as well as teach the less informed how to bet on soccer matches. Check back here daily for new updates as we'll be covering all the BIG World Cup games with analysis and game predictions! Enjoy!

Soccer Picks, News and Promotions


2017 Soccer Previews and Predictions

Thursday ELP Soccer: Manchester United vs. Manchester City Pick - 4/27

Sunday ELP Soccer: Manchester United vs. Burnley Pick - 4/23

Sunday English Premier League: Chelsea vs. Manchester United Pick - 4/16

Monday ELP Soccer: Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace Pick - 4/10

Sunday English Premier League: Manchester City vs. Arsenal Pick - 4/2

Saturday ELP Soccer: Liverpool vs. Manchester City Pick - 4/1

Sunday English Premier: Liverpool vs. Manchester City Pick - 3/19

Sunday Scottish Premier: Rangers vs. Celtic Pick - 3/12

Monday English Premier: Chelsea vs. West Ham Tip - 3/6

Sunday ELP Soccer: Stoke City vs. Tottenham Hotspur 2/26

Saturday German Soccer: Wolfsburg vs. Borussia Dortmund 2/18

Sunday ELP Soccer: Manchester United vs Leicester City 2/5

Tuesday English Premier: Chelsea vs. Liverpool Pick 1/31

Sunday Italy Serie A: Lazio vs. Juventus Pick 1/22

Sunday ELP Soccer: Liverpool vs. Manchester United Pick, Manchester City vs. Everton Pick 1/15

Saturday ELP Soccer: Chelsea vs. Manchester City Pick 12/31

Tuesday English Premier: Stoke City vs. Liverpool Pick 12/27

Sunday Football: Arsenal vs. Manchester City Pick 12/18

Sunday ELP Soccer: Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United Pick 12/11

Saturday ELP Soccer: Chelsea vs. Manchester City Pick 12/3

Sunday English Premier: Tottenham Hotspur vs. Chelsea Pick 11/27

Saturday English Premier: Arsenal vs. Manchester United Pick 11/19

Saturday International Fixture: Austria vs. Ireland Pick 11/12

Sunday EPL: Arsenal vs. Tottenham Pick 11/6

Sunday English Premier: Southampton vs. Chelsea Pick 10/30

Sunday EPL Soccer: Chelsea vs. Manchester United Pick 10/23

Monday English Premier: Liverpool vs. Manchester United Pick 10/17

Sunday EPL: Everton vs. Manchester City Pick 10/16

Sunday English Premier: Arsenal vs. Burnley Pick 10/2

Saturday EPL: Everton vs. Bournemouth Pick 9/24

Saturday EPL: Bournemouth vs. Manchester City Pick 9/17

Saturday Ligue One: Bordeaux vs. Lyon Pick 9/10

Saturday English Premier: Manchester United vs. Manchester City Pick 9/10

Saturday EPL : Hull City vs. Manchester United Pick 8/27

Saturday Italy Serie A : Juventus vs. Fiorentina Pick 8/20

Saturday English Premier: Leicester City vs. Arsenal Pick 8/20

Monday English Premier: Chelsea vs. West Ham United Pick 8/15

Saturday English Premier: Manchester City vs. Sunderland Pick 8/13

Sunday English Premier: Leicester City vs. Manchester United Pick 8/7

Sunday Scottish Premier: Hearts vs. Celtic Pick 8/7

2017 English Premier League Futures

2017 EPL Futures - Favorites - An in-depth analysis at the favorites based on odds to win the EPL title in 2017.

2017 EPL Futures - Dark Horses - Hedging opportunities in the case of a Leicester City type odds team winning the league.

2016 Euro Cup Predictions

France vs Portugal Pick 7/10

France vs Germany Pick 7/7

France vs Iceland Pick 7/3

Germany vs. Italy Pick 7/2

Germany vs. Slovakia Pick 6/26

Croatia vs. Portugal Pick 6/25

Germany vs. Poland Pick 6/16

England vs. Wales Pick 6/16

England vs. Russia Pick 6/11

France vs. Romania Pick 6/10

2016 Euro Cup Futures

2016 Euro Cup Futures Analysis - Contenders - A look at the main contenders based on odds for the Euro Cup.

2016 Euro Cup Futures Analysis - Dark Horses - Analysis of the dark horse teams for value based on prices for the Euro Cup.

2016 Soccer Game Previews - Predictions

International Friendlies Analysis - Predictions:
Germany vs. Slovakia Pick - 5/29
Romania vs. Ukraine Pick - 5/29

Champions League Final: Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid Pick - 5/28

Sunday English Premier League Previews and Picks:
Southampton vs. Crystal Palace Pick - 5/15
Stoke City vs. West Ham United Pick - 5/15

Sunday Premier League: Leicester City vs. Everton Pick - 5/8

Wednesday Champions League: Real Madrid vs. Manchester City Pick - 5/4

Monday Premier League: Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur Pick - 5/2

Sunday Premier League: Manchester United vs. Leicester City Pick - 5/1

Bet Smart! Jason talks about betting with your head and not your heart when wagering on your favorite team and more: Disciplined Approach - 5/17

In Play Betting - Many aren't aware, but most sportsbooks allow you to bet during the game or at halftime, which can give an astute bettor a huge advantage. - 5/16

Free Soccer Picks

Get free soccer match predictions from professional football tipster Jason Green right here in the Predictem soccer section! You can find his selections (with analysis!) in the mid-center section of this page! Want to share YOUR picks? Register and post them in our soccer forum!

Soccer Betting

5Dimes - Offers soccer wagering from leagues from all around the world. Best assortment of props! Voted top sportsbook by punters!

MyBookie - Gamble on soccer matchups, props and odds to win using your credit card. Their the best at getting Visa/Mastercard to work for deposits!

Soccer Betting 101 - Jason explains all the odds that appear to be difficult but really aren't.

Rules - Estabilshed in order to protect both you and the bookie should there be any descrepancies with a wager. Soccer betting rules are boring to read, but necessary.

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