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Bookmark this page and check back often for free weekly NFL football picks from the Staff.

What to Expect: Expert NFL football picks from our in house handicappers which are usually released Friday afternoon (or sooner) each week. We may also add late breaking plays to this page as we find more pertinent information constituting a play (Always check back prior to Sunday's games). We're not a huge advocate of making oodles of plays, so we only make a move when there is value which usually means 1-5 plays per week.

Our main goal here is to turn a profit over the course of the full NFL season. All facets of sports betting are a marathon, not a sprint, so you need to understand this ahead of time... We'll win and we we'll lose. However, history has proven that we're more likely to win and show a nice tidy profit by seasons end, so we suggest that you play ALL our picks even if you question them. This often times means betting on bad teams. Good teams win, bad teams cover.

While our picks may seem questionable at times, we've been around the block and we know what we're doing. We lost for MANY years before we learned how to win. Just get on it and hold on tight!

Our picks here are free, always 100% free to our readers! If your're winning nicely and want to pay us back or help us out, the best thing you can do is play with our online sportsbook advertisers. By sending them new players, this in turn keeps them happy with us which means we can continue to give out our weekly NFL picks without charging like most sports services. Your're gonna bet somewhere anyway, so why not play with our advertisers? We've been in the industry since 1998 and we've got a good grasp on which books are good and which are bad. You won't find any crappy betting companies on our site. Check them out our list of recommended sportsbooks here: Sportsbook Reviews.


2013/2014 YTD ATS Record 46-52-3 -9.4 Units

Super Bowl XLVIII Pick: (2/2) Seattle Seahawks +3 (1 point buy at -135)(pending)

Conference Championships: (1/19) Seattle Seahawks -3 (-130)(win) and New England Patriots +5.5 (loss)

Divisional Playoffs: (1/11 through 1/12) Seattle Seahawks -8 (push)

Wildcard Weekend: (1/4 through 1/5) Indianapolis Colts at a pick (win), Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 (loss), SD Chargers +7 (win), SD/CIN UNDER 47 (win).

Week 17: (12/29) Arizona Cardinals +1.5 (loss), Atlanta Falcons +6 (win), Washington Redskins +3 (loss), New York Jets +5.5 (win), Minnesota Vikings -3 (loss), Buffalo Bills +8 (loss).

Week 16: (12/22 through 12/23) Washington Redskins +3 (win), Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4 (loss), Seattle Seahawks -10 (loss), Pittsburgh Steelers +1 (win), Baltimore Ravens -2 (loss) and Atl/SF UNDER 46 (loss).

Week 15: (12/12 through 12/16 Atlanta Falcons -6 (loss), Tennessee Titans +2.5 (loss), St. Louis Rams +6 (win), Cleveland Browns +1 (loss), Buffalo Bills -2.5 (win), Minnesota Vikings +6.5 (win), Green Bay Packers +6.5 (win), Washington/Atlanta OVER 50 (win), N.O./STL UNDER 47.5 (win) and Detroit Lions -4.5 (loss).

Week 14: (12/5 through 12/9) Washington Redskins +3 (loss), Atlanta Falcons +3 (win), NYJ -3 (win).

Week 13: (11/28 through 12/2) Tennessee Titans +3.5 (loss), Minnesota Vikings -1 (win), Washington Redskins -1 (loss), Seattle Seahawks -5.5 (win).

Week 12: (11/21 through 11/25) Atlanta Falcons +9.5 (win), New England Patriots +2.5 (win), St. Louis Rams -1 (win), Arizona Cardinals -3 (win), Houston Texans -10 (loss).

Week 11: (11/14 through 11/18) Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1 (win), Pittsburgh Steelers +3 (win), Cleveland Browns +5.5 (loss), Oak/HOU UNDER 41 (loss), Carolina Panthers -3 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT!***(win).

Week 10: (11/7 through 11/11) Buffalo Bills +3 (loss), New York Giants -7 (loss), Atlanta Falcons +3.5 (loss), San Francisco 49ers -5.5 (loss), San Diego Chargers +7 (loss), Tampa Bay Buccaneers +2.5 (win).

Week 9: (10/31 through 11/4) Miami Dolphins +3 (win), Minnesota Vikings +10.5 (win), New York Jets +7 (win), Pittsburgh Steelers +7 (loss), Carolina Panthers -8 (win).

Week 8: (10/24 through 10/28) Buffalo Bills +11 (loss), Detroit Lions -2.5 (loss), Philadelphia Eagles -5.5 (loss), New England Patriots -5.5 (win), ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***Arizona Cardinals -2.5 (win).

Week 7: (10/17 through 10/21) New York Jets +3.5 (win), Washington Redskins +1 (win), Philadelphia Eagles -2.5 (loss), Carolina Panthers -7 (win), Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6.5 (loss), Pittsburgh Steelers -2 (win).

Week 6: (10/10 through 10/14) Baltimore Ravens +3 (win), Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 (loss), NY Jets pick'em (loss), Seattle Seahawks -13.5 (loss), Houston Texans -7 (loss), New England Patriots -1 (win).

Week 5: (10/3 through 10/7) Jacksonville Jaguars +11.5 (loss), Chicago Bears +1.5 (loss), New York Giants -1.5 (loss), Oakland Raiders +5 (win), NY Jets +10 (win)

Week 4: (9/26 through 9/30) St. Louis Rams +3 (loss)Jacksonville Jaguars +9.5 (loss), Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2.5 (loss), New York Jets +3.5 (loss) and Houston Texans +2.5 (loss)(Added Sunday at 11:26 AM EST).

Week 3: (9/19 through 9/23) Pittsburgh Steelers +2 (loss) ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT!***, Tennessee Titans -3 (push), Detroit Lions +1 (win), Det/WASH OVER 50 (loss), Carolina Panthers +2 (win), Miami Dolphins -2 (win), San Francisco 49ers -10 (loss).

Week 2: (9/12 through 9/15) Cleveland Browns +7 (loss), Miami Dolphins +3 (win), St. Louis Rams +6.5 (loss), Green Bay Packers -7.5 (win), Arizona Cardinals +2.5 (win), NYG +4 (loss).

Week 1: (9/5 through 9/9) Atlanta Falcons +3 (loss), Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.5 (loss), Cardinals/Rams UNDER 41.5 (loss), Chicago Bears -3 (push).

Previous Season's Results/Records:

2012/2013 YTD ATS Record 53-55-2 -7.7 Units

Super Bowl XLVII: San Francisco -3.5 (loss)

Conference Championships: (1/20) San Francisco 49ers -4.5 (loss) and New England Patriots -9 (loss).

Divisional Playoffs: (1/12 through 1/13) Denver Broncos -10 (loss), Green Bay/SF UNDER 45 (loss), New England -9.5 (win)

Wildcard Weekend Picks: (1/5 through 1/6) Houston Texans -4.5 (win), Green Bay Packers -8 (win), Seattle Seahawks -3 (win), Colts/Ravens OVER 47 (loss).

Week 17: (12/30) New York Jets +3 (loss), Cincinnati Bengals -2.5 (win), Houston Texans -7 (loss), Philadelphia Eagles +7 (loss), Detroit Lions +3 (win), Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3 (win), Carolina Panthers +5 (win).

Week 16: (12/22 through 12/23) Detroit Lions +4.5 (loss), Miami Dolphins -4.5 (win), Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5 (loss), St. Louis Rams +3 (win), Seattle Seahawks -1 (win), KC Chiefs +7 (push).

Week 15: (12/13 through 12/17) Atlanta Falcons -1 (win), Miami Dolphins -7.5 (win), Houston Texans -10 (win)

Week 14: (12/6 through 12/10) Tennessee Titans +5.5 (win), Pittsburgh Steelers -8 (loss), Hou/NE UNDER 51 (loss).

Week 13: (11/29 through 12/3) Denver -7.5 (win), Lions -6.5 (loss), Cowboys -10.5 (loss), Chargers +1.5 (loss), Rams +8 (win), Washington Redskins +3 (win).

Week 12: (11/22 through 11/26) Detroit Lions 3.5 (win), New York Jets +7 (loss), Bengals -8.5 (win), Bills +3 (loss), Falcons -1.5 (loss), Seahawks -3 (loss), Chargers +1 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***(loss), 49ers -1 (win), Rams +1 (win), Giants -3 (win).

Week 11: (11/15 through 11/19) Carolina +1.5 (loss), Pittsburgh +3.5 (win), Kansas City +3.5 (loss), Denver -8 (loss), Philly +3.5 (loss), New England -9 (win), San Francisco -3.5 (win).

Week 10: (11/8 through 11/12) Cincinnati Bengals +4 (win), Miami Dolphins -6 (loss), St. Louis Rams +12.5 (win), Seattle Seahawks -6 (win), Houston Texans +1.5 (win).

Week 9: (11/1 through 11/5 Carolina Panthers +3 (win), Tennessee Titans +3.5 (loss), Seattle Seahawks -4 (win), Oakland Raiders -2 (loss), Dallas Cowboys +3.5 (loss), Philadelphia Eagles +3 (loss).

Week 8: (10/25 through 10/29) Minnesota Vikings -6.5 (loss), Denver Broncos -6 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT***(win), Philadelphia Eagles -3 (loss), Seattle Seahawks +2.5 (loss), Miami Dolphins +2 (win), Tennessee Titans -3.5 (loss), Pittsburgh Steelers -4 (win), Arizona Cardinals +7 (loss).

Week 7: (10/18 through 10/22) Cleveland Browns +2 (loss), Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1.5 (loss), Cincinnati Bengals +1 (loss), Detroit Lions +6.5 (win).

Week 6: (10/11 through 10/15) Cleveland Browns +2.5 (win), Philadelphia Eagles -3.5 (loss), Miami Dolphins -4.5 (loss), Seattle Seahakws +3.5 (win), Arizona Cardinals -4 (loss)

Week 5: (10/4 through 10/8) St. Louis Rams +1 (win), Seattle +3 (win), Jacksonville +5.5 (loss), San Francisco -10 (win).

Week 4: (9/27 through 10/1) Buffalo Bills +4 (loss), Minnesota Vikings +4 (win), Kansas City Chiefs +1.5 (loss), Seattle Seahawks -3 (loss), Jacksonville Jaguars +1 (loss), Green Bay Packers -7.5 (loss), Philadelphia Eagles -2 (push), Dallas Cowboys -3.5 (loss).

Week 3 Picks: (9/20 through 9/24) Carolina Panthers +1 (loss), Cleveland Browns +3 (loss), Miami Dolphins +1 (loss), Chicago Bears -7 (win), Arizona Cardinals +3 (win), GB/SEA UNDER 45 points (win)

Week 2 Plays: (9/13 through 9/17) Arizona Cardinals +14 (win), Indianapolis Colts +3 (win), Carolina Panthers +2.5 (win), St. Louis Rams +3.5 (win), Redskins/Rams UNDER 44 (loss), Tennessee Titans +6.5 (loss), Atlanta Falcons -3 (win).

Week 1 Picks: (9/5 through 9/10) Tennessee Titans +6 (loss), St. Louis Rams +9 (win), San Francisco 49ers +5 (win), Arizona Cardinals +2.5 (win), Oakland Raiders -1 (loss).

2011/2012 YTD ATS Record 61-57-9 -1.90 Units

AFC/NFC Championship Picks: (1/22) San Francisco 49ers -2.5 (loss) and New England Patriots -7 (loss)

Divisional Playoffs: SF +4 (win), New England -13.5 (win), Green Bay -7.5 (loss).

Wildcard Weekend: (1/7 through 1/8) Det/N.O. UNDER 59.5 (loss) and Atlanta Falcons +3 (loss)

Week 17 Picks: Tennessee Titans -2.5 (loss), Detroit Lions -3 (loss), Minnesota Vikings -1.5 (loss), Oakland Raiders -3 (loss), Arizona Cardinals -3 (push).

Week 16 Predictions: Indianapolis Colts +6 (win), Chiefs -2.5 (loss), Jets -3 (loss), Vikings +6.5 (win), Seahawks +2 (push), Bears +13.5 (loss), Chicago/Green Bay UNDER 43.5 (loss), Falcons +7 (loss)

Week 15 NFL Picks: Miami Dolphins +1 (win), San Diego Chargers +2.5 (win), Denver Broncos +7.5 (loss), St. Louis Rams +7 (push), Arizona Cardinals -6.5 (loss), Oakand Raiders +1 (push).

Week 14 Plays: Houston Texans +3 (win), Atlanta Falcons -3 (win), Jacksonville Jaguars +3 (win), San Diego Chargers -7 (win), Dallas Cowboys -4.5 (loss), Seattle Seahawks -10 (win).

Week 13 NFL Picks: Seattle Seahawks +3 (win), Indianapolis Colts +20.5 (win), Tennessee Titans +2.5 (win), Miami Dolphins -3 (win), Houston Texans +3 (win), Arizona Cardinals +4.5 (win), Washington Redskins +3 (loss), Jacksonville Jaguars +3 (loss)

Week 12 Picks: (11/24 through 11/28) Miami Dolphins +7 (win), Detroit Lions +6.5 (loss), Baltimore Ravens -3 (win), Arizona Cardinals +2.5 (win), Seattle Seahawks -3 (loss), Chicago Bears +3 (loss), New York Jets -9.5 (loss), TB/TEN OVER 43 (loss).

Week 11 Picks: (11/17 through 11/20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers +14 (win), Tennessee Titans +6 (push), Chicago Bears -3.5 (win), Baltimore Ravens -7 (push), Miami Dolphins -1.5 (win), Minnesota Vikings +1 (loss), Washington Redskins +7.5 (win), SD/CHI UNDER 45 (loss).

Week 10 Plays: (11/10 through 11/14) Indianapolis Colts +3 (loss), Atlanta Falcons pickem (loss), San Francisco 49ers -3.5 (win), New York Jets -1.5 (loss), Dallas Cowboys -5.5 (win), Seattle Seahawks +7 (win), Steelers -4 (win), Rams/Browns OVER 37 (loss).

Week 9 Plays: (11/6 through 11/7) Indianapolis Colts +7 (loss), New York Jets +2.5 (win), Arizona Cardinals -3 (win), Denver Broncos +7.5 (win), Pittsburgh Steelers -3 **1/2 pt buy (loss), San Diego Chargers +6 (loss).

Week 8 NFL Picks: (10/31 through 10/31) Washington Redskins +5 (loss), Pittsburgh Steelers +2.5 (win), Dallas Cowboys +3 (loss), Seattle Seahawks +2.5 (loss), Minnesota Vikings +3.5 (win), Kansas City Chiefs +3.5 (win).

Week 7 NFL Picks: (10/23 through 10/24) Washington Redskins +2.5 (loss), Seattle Seahawks +3 (push), Tennessee Titans -3 (loss), Miami Dolphins PICKEM (loss), Kansas City Chiefs +4 (win), Minnesota Vikings +9.5 (win), New York Jets +1.5 (win).

Week 6 NFL Picks: NOTE: (SUNDAY MORNING, 5:34AM EST) We've removed Buffalo and Indy as plays. We've also gotten better lines on some games. Please see our current and final picks --> Baltimore Ravens -7 (win), New York Giants -3 (push), Dallas Cowboys +6.5 (win), Minnesota Vikings +3 (loss), Washington Redskins +3 (loss), SF/DET UNDER 46 (win), Car/ATL UNDER 50.5 (win).

Week 5 NFL Picks: (10/9 through 10/10) KC +2 (win), Seattle +9.5 (win), Denver +4 (loss), Carolina +6.5 (win), New England -9 (push), Minnesota -3 (win), GB/ATL UNDER 53 (win), Chi/DET UNDER 47.5 (win).

Week 4 NFL Picks: Denver Broncos +12.5 (loss), Arizona Cardinals +1 (loss), Seattle Seahawks +4.5 (win), Tennessee Titans pickem (win), Dallas Cowboys -1.5 (loss), Oakland Raiders +4.5 (loss), Lions/Cowboys UNDER 46 (loss).

Week 3 NFL Staff Picks: (9/25 through 9/25) Cincinnati Bengals -3 (loss), Buffalo Bills +7.5 (win), Philadelphia Eagles -9 (loss), Jacksonville Jaguars +3.5 (loss), Oakland Raiders +3 (win), Tampa Bay Buccaneers -1.5 (win), Seattle Seahawks +3.5 (win), Hou/N.O. UNDER 53 (loss), Vikings +3.5 (win), Washington/Dallas UNDER 45 (win).

Week 2: (9/18 through 9/19) Miami Dolphins +3 (loss), Chicago Bears +6.5 (loss), Oakland Raiders +3.5 (win), Cincinnati Bengals +3.5 (win), San Diego Chargers +7 (loss), Atlanta Falcons +2.5 (win), Panthers +10 (win).

Week 1: (9/8 through 9/12: Falcons -2.5 (loss), Bengals +6.5 (win), Buccaneers -1.5 (loss), Jaguars -2 (win), NE/MIA UNDER 45.5 (loss).

2010/2011 YTD ATS Record 54-47-2 +2.20 Units

Super Bowl XLV Pick: We like the UNDER 46 in the Packers/Steelers game. We're execting a total score of 38 or less! - 2/6

Conference Championships: (1/23) We like the GB Packers at -3 (win) to beat the Bears. We don't find any value in the Jets/Steelers game and feel that both the side and the total are right on.

Divisional Playoffs: (1/15) Packers +1.5 (win) and Steelers -3 (win). We're sorry, we don't really have much of an opinion on Sunday's games.

Wildcard Weekend Picks: Seahawks +10.5 (win), Chiefs +3 (loss), Packers +2.5 (win).

Week 17: (1/2/11) Cowboys +3 (win), Texans -3 (win), Saints -7 (loss), Packers -9.5 (loss), Patriots -6 (win), Panthers +14 (loss), Chiefs -3.5 (loss), Bills +1.5 (loss), Browns +5.5 (loss), Bengals +9.5 (win).

Week 16: (12/23 through 12/27 Vikings +14 (win), Titans +5 (loss), Redskins +7 (win), Packers -3 (win), Raiders +3 (loss), Broncos +3 (win).

Week 15: Tennessee -1 (win), Dallas -7 (loss), Steelers -5 (loss), Seattle +6 (loss), New York Giants -3 (loss).

Week 14: (12/9 through 12/13) Buffalo Bills -1 (win), Minnesota Vikings +3 (loss), Miami Dolphins +5 (win), Dallas Cowboys +3.5 (win), Washington Redskins +1 (push).

Week 13: (12/2 through 12/6) Titans -3 (loss), Redskins +7 (loss), Ravens -3 (loss), Patriots -3.5 (win).

Week 12: (11/25 through 11/29) Jacksonville Jaguars +7 (win), Tennessee +6 (loss).

Week 11: (11/18 through 11/22) Bills +5 (win), Jaguars -2 (win), 49ers -3.5 (loss), Giants +3 (loss).

Week 10: (11/10 through 11/15) Falcons -1 (win), Steelers -4.5 (loss), 49ers -6 (loss), Browns +3 (loss), Bears +1 (win), Jaguars -1 (win).

Week 9: (11/7 through 11/8) Chargers -3 (win), Falcons -8.5 (loss), Lions +4 (win), Eagles -3 (loss), Browns +4.5 (win), Miami/Bal OVER 40.5 (loss).

Week 8: (10/31 through 11/1)
Washington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers vs. St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New Orleans Saints (side and total) and Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts.
Our Week 8 NFL Picks: Lions -2.5 (win), Panthers +3 (loss), Buccaneers +3 (win), Saints -1 (win), Pitt/N.O. UNDER 44 (win), Texans +5.5 (loss) (4-2 for the week).

Week 7: (10/24 through 10/25)
Steelers vs. Dolphins, Redskins vs. Bears, Browns vs. Saints, 49ers vs. Panthers, Rams vs. Buccaneers, Patriots vs. Chargers, Steelers/Dolphins TOTAL.
Our Week 7 Picks: Steelers -3 (loss), Bears -3 (loss), Browns +13 (win), Panthers +3 (win), Buccaneers -3 (loss), Chargers -2 (loss), Pit/Mia OVER 41 (win).

Week 6: (10/17 through 10/18)
Games: Colts vs. Redskins, Chiefs vs. Texans, Browns vs. Steelers, Jets vs. Broncos, Raiders vs. 49ers, Ravens/Patriots TOTAL, Ten/Jax TOTAL.
Our Week 6 Picks: Colts -3 (push), Chiefs +4.5 (win), Steelers -13.5 (win), Broncos +3 (loss), 49ers -6.5 (win), Ravens/Patriots OVER 45 (loss), Ten/Jax OVER 43.5 (loss).

Week 5: (10/10 through 10/11)
Games: Jacksonville vs. Buffalo, Tampa Bay vs. Cincinnati, Green Bay vs. Washington, Tennessee vs. Dallas, Chicago vs. Carolina, Minnesota vs. NYJ.
Our Week 5 Picks: Buffalo Bills -1.5 (loss), Tampa Bay Bucs +6.5 (win), Washington Redskins +2.5 (win), Dallas Cowboys -7 (loss), Carolina Panthers -1.5 (loss), NYJ -4 (win)

Week 4: (10/3 through 10/4)
Games: Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati vs. Cleveland, Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville, Chicago vs. New York, New England vs. Miami.
Our Week 4 Picks: Steelers -2.5 (loss), Browns +3 (win), Jaguars +7 (win), Giants -3.5 (win), Dolphins +1 (loss).

Week 3: (9/26 through 9/27)
Games: Tennessee vs. New York, Cincinnati vs. Carolina, San Francisco vs. Kansas City, Detroit vs. Minnesota, San Diego vs. Seattle.
Our Week 3 Picks: Titans +3 (win), Panthers +3 (loss), Chiefs +3 (win), Vikings -11.5 (win), Chargers -5 (loss)

Week 2: (9/19 through 9/20)
Games: KC/Cleveland, Baltimore/Cinci, Pittsburgh/Tennessee, Philly/Detroit, TB/Carolina, Miami/Minnesota, Chicago/Dallas
Our Week 2 Picks: Browns -2 (loss), Bengals +2.5 (win), Steelers +5 (win), Lions +6.5 (win), Panthers -3 (loss), Dolphins +5.5 (win), Cowboys -7 (loss).

Week 1:
Date: 9/9/10 through 9/13/10
Games: Carolina vs. NYG, Cleve/TB Total, Indy/Houston, SF/Seattle, Dal/Wash, SD/KC.
Our Picks to Get the Money: Panthers +6.5 (loss), Cleve/TV OVER 37 (loss), Houston +2 (win), Seattle +3 (win), Washington +3.5 (win), KC +4.5 (win). *Note: Redskins added on Sunday at 8PM EST

2009/2010 FINAL ATS Record 52-45-2 +2.50 Units

Super Bowl XLIV:
Date: 2/7/10
Games: New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts.
Our Pick to Win: New Orleans Saints +5 (win) + UNDER 56.5 (win)

Previous Week's Plays:

Conference Championship Playoffs:
Date: 1/24/10
Games: Minnesota vs. New Orleans.
Our Picks: New Orleans Saints -3.5 (loss)

Divisional Playoffs:
Date: 1/16/10 through 1/17/10
Games: Arizona vs. New Orleans, Baltimore vs. Indy, Dallas vs. Minnesota.
Our Picks: New Orleans Saints -7 (win), Baltimore Ravens +6.5 (loss), Minnesota Vikings -2.5 (win)

Wildcard Weekend - NFL Playoffs
Date: 1/9/10 through 1/10/10
Games: Phil vs. Dallas, Baltimore vs. New England, GB vs. Arizona.

Our Wildcard Weekend Picks: Cowboys -3 -135 (win), Baltimore +3.5 (win), Arizona +2.5 (win)

Week 17
Date: 1/3/10
Games: Jacksonville vs. Cleveland, Washington vs. San Diego, Tennessee vs. Seattle.

Our Picks: Browns -1 (win), Redskins +3.5 (win), Seahawks +4.5 (win), KC/Denver UNDER 38 (loss).

Week 16
Date: 12/25/09 through 12/28/09
Games: Passing.

Our Picks: Passed.

Week 15
Date: 12/17/09 through 12/21/09
Games: Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh, New England vs. Buffalo, Chicago vs. Baltimore, NYG vs. Washington.

Our Picks: Steelers -3 (loss), Buffalo +7 (tie), Baltimore -11 (win), Washington +3 (loss)

Week 14
Date: 12/10/09 through 12/14/09
Games: Philadelphia vs. New York, New York vs. Tampa Bay, Green Bay vs. Chicago, Detroit vs. Baltimore, Washington vs. Oakland, San Diego vs. Dallas.

Our Picks Philadelphia -1 (win), Tampa Bay +4 (loss), Chicago +4 (loss), Baltimore -13.5 (win), Oakland +1 (loss), Dallas -3.5 (loss).

Date: 12/3/09 through 12/7/09
Games: NYJ/Buffalo TOTAL, Philadelphia vs. Atlanta, Dallas vs. NYG, SF vs. Seattle, Minnesota vs. Arizona.

Our Picks Jets/Bills UNDER 37 (win), Atlanta +5 (loss), NYG +1 (win), Seattle +1 (win), Arizona +3 (win).

Week 12
Date: 11/26/09 through 11/30/09
Games: New York vs. Denver, Seattle vs. St. Louis, Indianapolis vs. Houston, Arizona vs. Tennessee, Washington vs. Philadelphia.

Our Picks Denver +6 (win), Rams +4 (loss), Texans +3 (loss), Arizona +2 (loss), Washington +9.5 (win).

Week 11
Date: 11/22/09 through 11/23/09
Games: Cincinnati vs. Oakland, New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay, Arizona vs. St. Louis, Pittsburgh vs. KC, SF/GB Total, Sea/Min Total.

Our Picks Oakland +9 (win), Tampa Bay +10.5 (loss), St. Louis +9.5 (win), Kansas City +10.5 (win), SF/Green Bay UNDER 42 (loss), Sea/Min UNDER 46.5 (win).

Week 10
Date: 11/12/09 through 11/16/09
Games: Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh, Denver vs. Washington, Kansas City vs. Oakland, Philadelphia vs. San Diego, Dallas vs. Green Bay, Atlanta vs. Carolina, Cincinnati/Pittsburgh TOTAL.

Our Picks: Steelers -7 (loss), Washington +3.5 (win), Kansas City +2 (win), Philadelphia +1 (loss), Packers +3 (win), Carolina +1 (win), Cin/Pit UNDER 41.5 (win).

Week 9
Date: 11/8/09 through 11/9/09
Games: Houston vs. Indianapolis, Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay, Detroit vs. Seattle, Tennessee vs. San Francisco, Dallas vs. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh vs. Denver.

Our Picks: Houston +8.5 (win), Tampa Bay +9.5 (win), Detroit +10 (loss), Tennessee +4 (win), Philadelphia -3 (loss), Denver +3 (loss).

Week 8
Date: 11/1/09 through 11/2/09
Games: Jacksonville/Tennessee TOTAL, Houston vs. Buffalo, Minnesota vs. Green Bay, Oakland vs. San Diego, St. Louis vs. Detroit, SF vs. Indianapolis, Denver vs. Baltimore and Jacksonville vs. Tennessee.

Our Picks: Jacksonville/Tennessee OVER 44.5 (loss), Bills +3.5 (loss), Packers -3 (loss), Oakland +16.5 (win), Rams +4 (win), 49ers +13 (win), Ravens -3.5 (win), Jaguars +3 (loss).

Week 7
Date: 10/25/09 through 10/26/09
Games: San Diego vs. Kansas City, Green Bay vs. Cleveland, Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh, San Francisco vs. Houston, New York vs. Oakland, Atlanta vs. Dallas.

Our Picks: Chiefs +5.5 (loss), Browns +9 (loss), Steelers -6 (win), 49ers +3 (push), Raiders +6 (loss), Falcons +4.5 (loss).

Week 6
Date: 10/18/09 through 10/19/09
Games: Kansas City vs. Washington, Houston vs. Cincinnati, Carolina vs. Tampa Bay, Detroit vs. Green Bay, Arizona vs. Seattle, Denver vs. San Diego (MNF).

Our Picks: Chiefs +6 (win), Bengals -5 (loss), Tampa Bay +3 (loss), Lions +14 (loss), Seahawks -3 (loss), Chargers -3.5 (loss)

Week 5
Date: 10/11/09 through 10/12/09
Games: Washington vs. Carolina, Dallas vs. Kansas City, Jacksonville vs. Seattle, New England vs. Denver and NYJ/Miami Total.

Our Picks: Washington +4 (winner), KC +7.5 (winner), Seattle -1.5 (winner, Denver +3 (winner), NYJ/Miami UNDER 36 (loss)

Week 4
Date: 10/4/09 through 10/5/09
Games: Seattle vs. Indianapolis, Detroit vs. Chicago, San Diego vs. Pittsburgh, Dallas vs. Denver, Buffalo vs. Miami.

Our Picks: Seattle +10 (loss), Chicago -10 (win), Pittsburgh -6.5 (win), Denver +3 (win), Miami +1 (win)

Week 3
Date: 9/27/09 through 9/28/09
Games: New Orleans vs. Buffalo, Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati, Atlanta vs. New England, Miami vs. San Diego, Chicago vs. Seattle, Green Bay vs. St. Louis, KC/Phil UNDER 39, New Orleans/Buffalo UNDER 51.5 and Indy/Arizona UNDER 48.5.

Our Picks: Buffalo Bills +6 (loss), Cincinnati Bengals +3.5 (win), Atlanta Falcons +4.5 (loss), Miami Dolphins +5.5 (loss), Seattle Seahawks +2.5 (loss), St. Louis Rams +6.5 (loss), KC Chiefs/Philadelphia Eagles UNDER 39 (loss), New Orleans Saints/Buffalo Bills UNDER 51.5 (win) and Indianapolis Colts/Arizona Cardinals UNDER 48.5 (win).

Week 2
Date: 9/20/09 through 9/21/09
Games: Cincinnati vs. Green Bay, Seattle vs. San Francisco, New Orleans vs. Philadelphia, Oakland vs. KC and New England vs. NYJ.

Our Picks: Cincinnati +9.5 (win), SF -1 (win), Philly +1 (loss), KC -3 (loss), NYJ +3.5 (win).

Week 1
Date: 9/10/09 through 9/14/09
Games: Minnesota vs. Cleveland, New York vs. Houston, Washington vs. New York Giants.

Our Picks: Cleveland Browns +4 (loss), Houston Texans -4.5 (loss) and Washington Redskins +6.5 (win)

Preview Year's Records:

2008/2009 ATS Records 27-26-0 -1.80 Units
2007-2008 Record: 55-49 +1.55 Units

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Line Movement Plays - We report all the major line moves from the gridiron and forecast whether it's public money or sharp action causing the move. Who will cover the spread this week? Our line move plays!

NFL Consensus Picks - See what the general public is betting on. We use this info to fade the public to the tune of big profits over the course of the season.

NFL Trends - Don't ever let anybody tell you that the trend is your friend. These picks make great fades which is exactly what we do with them.

Monday Night Football Picks - The ultimate bailout play. Our MNF picks are golden and have hit 62% or better 3 out of the past 4 years. (Last season was a disaster!) Did we mention that their FREE?

Superbowl Predictions - Our take before the season on who we think will win Superbowl XLVIII. We'll update with a final pick based on the actual remaining teams a week prior to the big game at MetLife Stadium on February 2nd, 2014.

Super Bowl Picks - Everybody here in the Predictem office takes their best preseason shot at predicting the winner Superbowl 48. Pride is on the line here! Oh, and LOOT too!


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Football Bets - We explain all the different types of wagers that you can place on an NFL game and give advice on which ones good and which are sucker bets. We also explore the value of betting at reduce odds.

Superbowl Betting - We explain all the different types of wagers you can making including point spread bets, totals, moneylines and prop bets. No need to go to Vegas! You can bet the big game online!

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