Football Handicapping Articles

Welcome to the football handicapping articles headquarters! Here we’ll post articles with advice and tips on how to beat the NFL point spread and poke your bookie in the eye on collection day. Be sure to bookmark this section and check back often as we’re constantly writing and adding more articles as our staff cranks them out. Enjoy!

Betting on Bad Teams - How doing the unthinkable provides for great season ending profits. No joke.

Home Field Advantage in the NFL - We talk about what it is and how much it’s worth.

NFL Divisional Trends - Cliff Knox takes a look at teams playing teams within their own division and which trends may have some value.

Handicapping NFL Turnovers - We can’t believe how many people forget to handicap the unthinkable!

Halftime Betting - The Jer explains how this bet works and when to use it.

Key Factors to Consider When Handicapping the NFL - Jeff talks about the importance of watching games, offensive line play, emotions and more!